Reach Honorship Program: Participant Bios


Ava Chavez-Moore
Warner Bros. Discovery Burbank Honorship 
Ava Chavez-Moore was born and raised in Burbank, California. From an early age, they showed interest in all things creative. Chavez-Moore participated in John Burroughs High School’s digital media program, where they found a particular love of filmmaking.

While in high school, Chavez-Moore participated in the Creative Writing Club, which they attribute to developing their writing skills, as well as the Junior State of America debate club, which helped form their political identity. They also served as one of ACLU’s Youth Liberty Squad members, assisting its social media team and participating in Arts Justice initiatives to bring the arts to L.A. County schools. Chavez-Moore hopes to take what they learned at Burroughs into their future endeavors by fighting for a more equitable world.

Outside of school, Chavez-Moore is an active volunteer for the Burbank Historical Society, where they serve as a docent and archivist for the Gordon R. Howard Museum. When they’re not archiving at the museum on weekends, Chavez-Moore can often be found walking around Burbank with their spunky Havanese terrier, Daisy, or reading with their laid-back terrier, Ivy.

In the fall, Chavez-Moore will be attending Emerson College in Boston, where they will study in the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

They are excited to serve as a Studio Operations Intern this year and cannot wait to see what this summer will bring.
Bianca Mazur

Warner Bros. Discovery Burbank Honorship 
Bianca Mazur was born and raised in Burbank, California, and attended Burbank High School. Since she was little, Mazur has loved television shows and movies, and was interested in being part of a company behind them.

During her time at Burbank High School, Mazur was part of the Business Academy, where she

discovered her passion for marketing—particularly through its marketing course, in which she excelled in creating and managing a brand.

Mazur also participated in multiple clubs and organizations in her community that taught her leadership and networking skills. As an ambassador for Gain Federal Credit Union’s Independent Advantage program, she furthered her public speaking skills by presenting information about financial literacy to her peers. Mazur held the position of treasurer in her school’s Children’s Hospital Aid Club, where she organized successful fundraisers and kept track of the money that circulated through the club. Additionally, she was on the executive boards for Project Teens Teach and Burbank High School’s Key Club, where she learned the importance of communication and had opportunities to give back to her community through volunteering.

In her junior and senior years of high school, Mazur worked as a host at Islands Restaurants, accumulating more than 700 hours in under two years. At Islands, she exhibited her problem-solving skills to satisfy customers’ needs and gained a deep understanding of professionalism in the workplace.

In her spare time, Mazur enjoys driving around town with her friends, riding roller coasters at theme parks, listening to music, and playing with her two cats. She also loves to read and play tennis, both of which she has been doing since a young age.

Mazur is overjoyed to begin her internship at Warner Bros. and hopes to ultimately work for the marketing side of a company in the entertainment industry so she can fulfill her professional goals and be part of an organization that makes people happy. In the fall, Mazur will attend Pace University in New York City to pursue a degree in marketing.

Danny Vasquez
Warner Bros. Discovery L.A. County Honorship
Daniel “Danny” Vasquez was born in San Jose, California, and spent his early years in South Florida before moving with his family to Los Angeles as he entered middle school. From a Cuban-Mexican background, Vasquez is a graduate of South Pasadena High School.

Growing up in a home with both parents as journalists, Vasquez couldn’t escape storytelling as a child even if he’d wanted to—there was always a story around every corner. He discovered the power of storytelling with the film WALL-E, a love story told through small gestures like caring for a plant in a boot, saving little mementos, or chasing after the beloved robot love. It wasn’t long before Vasquez began developing his own stories.

In middle school, Vasquez joined a filmmaking summer camp at Occidental College, where he first discovered his appreciation for editing, finding that the work combined the creative with the technical. In high school, Vasquez applied and was selected as a Los Angeles Fellow at Ghetto Film School, a 30-month program that teaches students all aspects of pre- and post-production, writing, directing, editing, pitching, casting, and more. As part of the program, he participated in a summer residency at Montclair State University in New Jersey, where he took classes in film production and produced a student film project.

Following a Ghetto Film School course to learn how to shoot on 16mm film, Vasquez’s documentary Metallic Ghosts was selected to be included in an ongoing art installation at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens. The film, about Chicano lowrider culture, was also selected as a “Top 5” film to be professionally colorized by Picture Shop Streamland Media, a post-production house that services major film and TV projects in Hollywood.

Vasquez is committed to the craft of storytelling through film and TV, with an objective of one day working behind the camera as a director or an editor. He will attend California State University, Northridge, in the fall as a cinema and television arts major.
Katherine Poberezhskiy
Warner Bros. Discovery L.A. County Honorship
Katherine Poberezhskiy was born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Clarita, where she attended Valencia High School and enrolled in classes at Pierce College.

There, Poberezhskiy was involved in leadership positions in multiple clubs such as Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, and UNICEF. Her organizational strengths were evident when she managed several donation drives, including one collecting medical supplies for Ukrainian refugees impacted by the war.

Through these clubs and the electives she took at Pierce College, she developed a love for business and an internship at a local accounting firm helped solidify her interest in the field. Poberezhskiy's other
life-long passion is film and after discovering the job of a production accountant, she is looking forward to pursuing a career that combines her interests in business and cinema.

In her free time, Poberezhskiy likes hiking, cooking, and going to the movies with friends.

She is so excited to begin her first year as a Reach Honorship student, where she will be able to get a head start on her career and begin exploring the different opportunities available in the
entertainment industry.  

In the fall, Poberezhskiy will be attending the University of Southern California, majoring in business of the cinematic Arts.
Yogini Vazirani
Warner Bros. Discovery Burbank Honorship
Yogini Vazirani was raised in Burbank, California, and attended Burbank High School, where she discovered her love for technology and programming, leading her to pursue a career in software development. 

Vazirani was an active leader throughout high school. From serving as President of Coding Club and Women's STEM Club to Vice Chairperson of the City of Burbank Youth Board, she was involved in a plethora of both on- and off-campus activities. Vazirani was also part of her school's FIRST Robotics team, on which she served as Business Lead. Last year, Vazirani's leadership on her robotics team culminated in her being named a FIRST Robotics Dean's List Finalist, a selective accolade presented to effective student leaders on the team. 

Vazirani is passionate about equitable education and access to free learning resources. Her love for volunteerism inspired her to co-found Project Teens Teach, a STEM and Arts (STEAM) education program, for young students across the world. Since the program's launch in 2020, she has led over 150 free classes in STEAM subjects alongside a large team of talented volunteers, receiving more than 4,000 signups in three years. Project Teens Teach has been featured on ABC7 TV News and MyBurbank News since its launch. 

In her free time, Vazirani loves going on spontaneous adventures with her friends, exploring local boba and coffee shops, and going to concerts. 
Vazirani is thrilled to join the Warner Bros. Discovery team this summer and explore the entertainment industry. This fall, she plans on majoring in computer science and business administration at University of California, Berkeley.


Alicia Cho
Warner Bros. Discovery Burbank Honorship
Alicia Cho was born in Los Angeles and raised in Burbank. Cho also spent considerable time in her youth in Seoul, South Korea, where she created cherished memories that would come to shape her identity.
A recent graduate of Burbank High School, Cho’s diligence and love of leadership are evident through her various extracurricular commitments. Whether approving financial transactions as the Associated Student Body Auditor, recruiting more than 400 members during Club Rush as Key Club President, or representing the National Academy Foundation at district council meetings as the Business Academy president, she could always be found in any and every corner of her school’s campus. Cho also spearheaded her school’s SkillsUSA competition team as president, leading the entire team to regionals while individually advancing to nationals as a state silver medalist for t-shirt design. As a senior, she co-founded the Business Administration Club to provide mentorship and introduce career options to fellow students interested in pursuing higher education in business.
During the pandemic, Cho watched the influx of anti-AAPI hate crimes and wanted to do more than repost informational graphics to the social media echo chamber. She decided to launch the Meraki Magic Project, turning her hobby of making beaded jewelry into a business that donates 100% of proceeds to benefit the AAPI community. To emphasize the impact one individual can have on the city’s youth, she also organized “Bead it Your Way,” a monthly jewelry-making and AAPI hate crimes awareness workshop at the Burbank Community YMCA’s Social Impact Center. Another of Cho’s creative ventures includes Blossom Editorial, an online youth magazine thematically organized around flowers that serves as a safe creative hub for both creators and readers. 
In her free time, Cho enjoys analyzing music videos, creating Pinterest mood boards, making beaded jewelry and curating themed gift boxes. She is also an avid viewer of psychological thrillers, K-dramas, crime documentaries and biopics.
Cho endeavors to become a creative director who diversifies notions of culture and identity by working towards a more versatile spectrum of representation in the media and entertainment industries.  She will attend the University of California, San Diego in the fall as a Communications major. 
Gabi Barnes
Warner Bros. Discovery L.A. County Honorship
Gabrielle “Gabi” Barnes was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended University High School Magnet and Leuzinger High School – where she was in the Multimedia Career Academy – before graduating from Santa Monica High School.

Barnes was actively involved in various school activities. She played varsity basketball, served as head of publicity for the Black Student Union, and was a member of both the Mock Trial Team and Associated Student Body. She also coordinated annual blanket drives to help youth experiencing homelessness stay warm during the winter and volunteered with When We Vote to support voter registration efforts in the 2020 presidential election.

From a young age, Barnes was fascinated by film, television and pop culture, which led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She hopes to increase the representation of people of color and women in media. Barnes plans to major in Public Relations at San Jose State University.
Isabella Gentile
Warner Bros. Discovery Burbank Honorship
Isabella Gentile was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she was surrounded by the entertainment industry from an early age. She discovered a passion for creative writing in the fourth grade and has since written a variety of short stories and poems. At Burbank High School, this passion grew into a love of business marketing and communications.

As a member of the Business Academy at her school, Gentile took courses including accounting, financial planning and business ethics. However, it was the marketing course that inspired Gentile to pursue a career as a publicist. Managing a company brand was both interesting to her and an area in which she excelled, and she found that utilizing her creative writing and public speaking skills also brought her immense joy. For these reasons, Gentile hopes to become a brand and talent publicist within the entertainment industry.

Since making this decision, Gentile has participated in a number of brand management opportunities. From late 2020 to early 2021, she interned with the Burbank Arts and Education Foundation, where she was in charge of creating schedules and posts for the organization’s Instagram account. Gentile now manages the social media accounts for the National Academy Foundation at Burbank High School, as well as for the tanning salon where she works.

Gentile held various leadership roles at her high school, serving as captain of its cheer team, president of the Fashion Club, and spirit commissioner for both the Associated Student Body and Key Club. Through her experiences, she learned to effectively communicate with a team and built a passion for hard work. Gentile is ecstatic to embark on this new chapter of her life with Warner Bros. Discovery and eager to learn as much as she can through the Honorship. She will pursue a degree in Communications at Pasadena Community College in the fall. 
Jenny Ongele
Warner Bros. Discovery L.A. County Honorship
Jennifer “Jenny” Ongele was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California, where she attended Saugus High School. She grew up with a Kenyan father and Ugandan mother, and their unique cultures have immensely impacted her identity. 

Ongele was editor-in-chief of her school’s Yearbook Club, where she discovered her love and prowess for digital media arts. She experimented and mastered her skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate and photography. Additionally, Ongele was engaged in programs like Students Demand Action to voice her opinions and possible solutions to the mass shooting epidemic that closely impacted her and her community in 2019. 

Inside and outside of school, Ongele is an active member of her progressive community and seeks to express the interests of marginalized identities, especially those who are Gen-Z students. This passion prompted her to become involved in Santa Clarita’s Human Relations Roundtable, a partnership between the city council, school board and empowered residents to condemn and eliminate prejudice in the town. Ongele’s activism fuels her creativity, and she consistently strives to find innovative ways to incorporate her artistic side with her humanistic goals.

Ongele’s visions for equity and inclusivity prompted her interest in Film and Media Studies, which she plans to major in at Wesleyan University in the fall with the ultimate goal of exploring how to give greater representation to marginalized groups and to challenge how the world perceives them through film.
Ruslana Yakovenko
Warner Bros. Discovery Hanna-Barbera Reach Honorship
Ruslana Yakovenko was born in Okhtyrka, Ukraine, and moved to Burbank with her family when she was 12. From an early age, Yakovenko showed an interest in art — particularly animation. Fascinated by the idea of bringing characters to life, she began taking steps towards her dream of mastering that skill.

When Yakovenko enrolled in Burbank High School, she immediately joined the school’s Animation Program and was nominated to become a Career and Technical Education (CTE) ambassador for the school. As an ambassador, she served as a spokesperson for the CTE program and worked to recruit students to join art and animation programs. She also participated in painting a symbolic mural on the side of the school, which has become part of her Burbank High School legacy. 

During her sophomore year, Yakovenko was chosen to participate in the Nickelodeon Mentorship Program. With support from studio directors and artists, Yakovenko created an animated short entitled, “The Shining Dream.” This bright and stirring film touched the hearts of many people across the U.S. and beyond. Yakovenko’s work was screened at the All American High School Festival in New York City and went on to earn several film awards, including a first-place prize in the DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival.

Eager to improve her artistic skillsets and reach her full potential as an artist, Yakovenko is currently working on a project that highlights current events in her home country of Ukraine. She believes that art is a universal way to express emotion, communicate and — most of all — change lives.

The Warner Bros. Discovery Hanna-Barbera Honorship is an incredible opportunity for Yakovenko to dive into the industry and learn about potential career pathways. She will attend the University of California, San Diego in the fall and plans to major in Interdisciplinary Computing and The Arts. 
Xander Singson
Warner Bros. Discovery L.A. County Honorship
Xander Singson was raised in San Pedro, California, and comes from a Thai-Filipino background. He is a graduate of the School for Advanced Studies at San Pedro High School.

Throughout high school, Singson demonstrated a strong commitment to community involvement. As treasurer of his school’s Relay for Life team, he organized fundraisers that generated over $5,000 for cancer research and patient resources. He also produced a detailed short film with his END IT Club to spread awareness regarding human trafficking. After school, Singson could often be found participating and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of San Pedro. Whether attending the organization’s College Bound program or assisting in community events, he took every opportunity to build relationships with staff and other students.

Singson once dreamed of creating haunted houses for a living. He also became fascinated with media production after watching the filming of various TV shows in his town. After researching these interests, Singson discovered their connection to the film industry and realized his unique passion for entertainment. As a part of Warner Bros. Discovery, Singson hopes to research business-oriented approaches to promoting Asian stories and is excited to discover his place in the industry. 

In his free time, Singson enjoys going on spontaneous adventures with friends, hiking, practicing his photography skills and watching horror movies. He will attend Los Angeles Harbor College in the fall, where he will pursue a degree in Business Administration.


Headshot of JJ Flores
JJ Flores
WarnerMedia L.A. County Honorship
Growing up in South Central Los Angeles and now graduating from Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, JJ Flores is a true Angeleno.

With their steadfast smile and audacious afro, Flores can be found behind their camera and computer, capturing, editing, writing, designing and – most often – leading a team through the process. Their creative legacy can already be enjoyed through their work with ACLU SoCal directing commercials and designing logos, and the LA Opera, where they helped to create a digital stage and edit virtual performances. Named a “California Arts Scholar” by the California State Summer School for the Arts and an “Extraordinary Arts Advocate” by the California Educational Theatre Association, Flores believes that the next generation of global disruptors will be leaders who are experienced in both arts and technology with a deep passion for their communities.

Their personal experiences as a first-generation student have made their passionate about revitalizing the country’s education system to ensure that marginalized communities are no longer left out. Flores continues to work closely with the ACLU’s Educational Equity team and the USC Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking to create an equitable and safe school environment and STEAM curriculums for LAUSD schools.

Flores is excited to grow and continue their passions for education reform and social entrepreneurship at Warner Bros. Discovery as part of the Reach Honorship program. They look forward to bringing their unique perspective and experience to their time with the program to encourage innovation and create leaders.

Flores will be attending the University of Southern California, where they will study Communications at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.
Arily Velasco
WarnerMedia L.A. County Honorship
Arily Velasco grew up in the San Fernando Valley and graduated with honors from San Fernando High School’s STEM Magnet program.

Velasco has always looking for ways to be engaged with her community and be a mentor, whether it was on the soccer field as the varsity goalkeeper or leading meetings as the product manager for her school’s female engineering club.

Coming from a family of immigrants, she learned the value of hard work and humility early on. With those values instilled, Velasco is ready pursue her dreams of achieving new things her family was never previously afforded. She is also ready to step out of her comfort zone and being a WarnerMedia Reach Honorship is one step in that direction.

Growing up, Velasco loved watching movies and musicals with her family and knew she wanted to work in the entertainment industry. She wants to be a part of growing diversity and inclusion on screen for underrepresented communities because she knows how important those experiences are in shaping someone’s interests – just like they did for her. Additionally, she is excited that her Honorship with WarnerMedia will be the first step in reaching her goal to have a career filled with purpose and joy.

Velasco is currently preparing to attend Vassar College to study Communications this fall. Although unsure what the future holds, she knows that giving back to her community will play center stage and is excited to see how her path unfolds during her college career.
Isabel Petty
WarnerMedia Burbank Honorship
Isabel Petty was born in Brooklyn, New York, and her family moved to Los Angeles when she was just 10 months old. With her mom working as a graphic designer and her dad as a professional musician, Petty grew up surrounded by art and knew from a young age she was also be an artist. She has now gone on to graduate from Providence High School’s prestigious Cinema Arts Focus Program with honors.

Petty’s high school career centered on a curriculum of writing, directing, editing and producing short films. She has already had her short-film debut at the Unfinished Work Film Festival, which is dedicated to films advancing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of racial equity, with her piece Disrupting a Curriculum.

In addition to her love for creating films, Petty has had a lifelong passion for writing. She wrote her first chapter book in kindergarten and graduated to writing a full-length novel in 2018 titled Where Lightning Strikes Twice. She has been a WriteGirl member since the age of 11 and has been published in three of the group’s anthologies. She additionally had her original scene, “Only Serial Killers Drink Black Coffee,” featured during a 2017 WriteGirl screenwriters’ performance.

Academically, Petty has always showed determination and earned top grades in school. She earned the Presidential Academic Excellence award in both fifth and eighth grades, the English Excellence Award in eighth grade and a Providence High School Merit Award.

Petty is incredibly excited to be a part of the Reach Honorship and join WarnerMedia, as she has long dreamed of coming back to the studio lot since she took the Studio Tour in middle school.

Petty plans to major in Psychology at University of California, Santa Cruz.
Mackenzie J. Turner
WarnerMedia L.A. County Honorship
Mackenzie Turner was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended the Archer School for Girls in Brentwood, California.

Dance is only one of the many ways her love for art has shined. While in middle school and high school, Turner was an active member of Archer’s dance troupe and dance company and served in numerous leadership roles including Co-Captain and Social Media Coordinator. During her high school career, she additionally severed as the Vice President of Her-Arts, a club that celebrates and studies women artists. Most recently, Turner has enjoyed working with a team of peers to develop and promote the 2021 film festival on the Archer Film Festival Executive Board.

Turner also developed an interest in filmmaking at a young age and studied film at the Summer Arts Conservatory at LACHSA. Her accolades include being selected as a 2019 Fellow for the award-winning Ghetto Film School and winning a 2020 scholarship from the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens for her film Time After Time, a Portraits in Light Project that showcased self-portrait short films.

As an artist and filmmaker, Turner strives to create art that empowers and inspires others, in the same way other art has impacted her. She examines life through an intersectional lens that explores issues related to identity, and as a storyteller, she hopes to amplify diverse and marginalized voices by uncovering and empowering narratives that remain buried or ignored.

Outside of school, Turner is an activist and engages in social justice causes while volunteering with LA Teen Get Out the Vote and Open Progress.

Turner will attend Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall to pursue a degree in Political Science with a minor in Film Studies.
Minna Andrea Belidhon
WarnerMedia L.A. County Honorship
Minna Andrea Belidhon was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She later migrated to Los Angeles, California, where she recently graduated from the James A. Foshay Learning Center in Exposition Park. Constantly feeling torn between her two homes, Belidhon finds comfort in stories and art. She can be spotted with either a book in hand or different brush pens developing her calligraphy skills.

Growing up as a star student, Belidhon often thought of a future in medicine as a surgeon. But everything changed during the summers of 2018 and 2019 when she joined the USC NAI SCA Filmmaking Workshop, where she found her love and calling in film. She went on to create her first club for film and photography at Foshay with a small, tight-knit group of students who shared the same passions for art and film.

Belidhon is currently focusing on improving her skills in cinematography, digital drawing and acrylic painting. Her work seeks to represent Filipino Pinoy culture, nature, folktales and self-discovery. She is an active member of Migrante, a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting for the rights and welfare of Filipinos in the U.S. and the Philippines. Belidhon is also a part of LA Commons, an organization focused on bringing the community together to tell unique stories and raise awareness on social issues through art in public spaces. Her involvement with both organizations led her to discover a new lens through which she can share her work and talent, now using her art – whether it’s a mural, painting, spoken word poetry or a rap song – to build a bridge to the social justice causes most significant to her.

In her free time, Belidhon is always near the water, either enjoying a dip in a pool or out in the ocean. She has also spent the last four years swimming with her school’s club team. Being outside and active is important to her; whether it is roller skating, creating, listening to music, or enjoying a Californian sunset.

Belidhon will attend the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts as a Film and TV Production major this coming fall.
Laila Tehrani
WarnerMedia L.A. County Honorship
Laila Tehrani was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a recent graduate of Palisades Charter High School.

Tehrani not only excelled in academia, but she has also been involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, serving as Co-President of the Palisades Ambassadors during her senior year where she acted as the direct liaison between her high school’s administration and the surrounding L.A. communities. She was also a dedicated member of California’s Youth and Government program, where she held a statewide position overseeing mock political campaigns and passing environmental legislation in the program’s legislature. Additionally, Tehrani was appointed as the Director of Organizing of Generation Up Los Angeles, a nationally recognized, youth-led, education advocacy organization which creates campaigns specific to Los Angeles Unified School District.

Tehrani’s interest in the entertainment industry began after watching Warner Bros. Television’s popular show “Chuck,” which then sparked her curiosity and fascination with learning about all aspects of the entertainment world. In July of 2019, she attended the New York Film Academy’s summer program, where she became interested in various fields such as producing, directing, casting and editing. Recently, Tehrani also participated in Southern California DECA competitions, where she was the recipient of the second-place award in Sports & Entertainment Marketing and the third place prize for Marketing Management.

During her free time, Tehrani enjoys going on hikes with friends in Griffith Park and trying new restaurants around L.A. She will be attending the University of California, Davis this coming fall.


Cynthia Ge
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
A daughter of the Midwest, Cynthia Ge grew up in Columbus, Ohio, dancing around a little yellow playground and praying for snow days. She moved to California at eight years old and has found herself continuously looking back, torn between her old and new homes. Cynthia is a recent graduate of West High School in Torrance.

In middle school, influenced by her family and seventh grade science teacher, Cynthia aspired to become an engineer. Dreaming of supernovas and designer babies and perhaps the intersection between the two, she considered a career as an aerospace or genetic engineer. This all changed when she picked up a Jodi Picoult novel. Moved and inspired by the way Picoult characterized the complexity of individuals within the courtroom, Cynthia began to consider a future as an attorney. This fascination for the nuances within the legal field was further stimulated by her four years in Speech & Debate; countless tournaments and the hours spent preparing for them taught Cynthia the importance of critical thinking, perspective, and language.

However, perhaps Cynthia’s most meaningful work comes from outside the classroom. She enjoys giving her afternoons to the Family and Civil Department of the Torrance Courthouse and has found her first professional workplace community in the people she works with. On
weekends, she spends time with the first grade students in Torrance Chinese School as a teacher’s assistant. In her free time, Cynthia indulges in spoken word poetry and has penned several of her own poems. She enjoys watching Korean dramas and curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.

Cynthia will be attending the University of California, Berkeley with an intended major in Applied Mathematics.
Jeremy Hsiao
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Jeremy Hsiao grew up in Walnut, CA. He attended Walnut High School for freshman year, then transferred to the California School of the Arts where he recently graduated among the top of his class.

He began writing poetry in the 5th grade while battling a minor case of Tourette’s Syndrome, using writing as a way to escape reality. His works have been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, National Student Poets Program and 826 National’s Poets in Revolt! Anthology. His poems have appeared in Aerie International, The Apprentice Writer, Young Poets Network, Gigantic Sequins, LiveWire, Hebe, and the Sidney Lanier Poetry Competition. He is also a semi-finalist for the 33rd California Young Playwrights contest and the 14th Young Playwrights Festival by the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

In addition, he was a student board member for Teenreads, a book reviewing website, and a journalist for the LA Times High School Insider. He conducted print and on-camera interviews with celebrities, scientists, directors, authors, and writers for multiple online outlets throughout his high school career. Jeremy was also the founder and editor-in-chief of his school newspaper, a student leader, and treasurer for his school’s leadership class.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys listening to and creating music, playing basketball, and watching shows like Bojack Horseman or Sherlock. He hopes to become a designer, thinker, and innovator of the new digital age using computer science as a tool to create VR/AR games, films, and interactive theater. He will be attending Stanford in the fall of 2020, where he plans on studying Computer Science and the Arts.
Zoe Jaeger
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Zoe Jaeger was born in Champaign, Illinois though her family quickly moved to Los Angeles. They then continued to back and forth between Los Angeles and Chicago until 2014.

Zoe is a recent graduate of Providence High School in Burbank, CA. While there she was a member of Providence’s Cinema Arts Focus Program throughout all four years of high school, where she learned how to produce, write, direct, edit, and screen original short films. Zoe has loved movies since before she could remember, with her father educating her at a young age on films that ranged from Battleship Potemkin, to Citizen Kane to La Strada. Zoe also worked as a stage technician and stage manager for her school’s drama department, gaining knowledge on audio and lighting equipment, along with leadership skills. Zoe was also a part of her school’s “Student’s Run LA” club, and ran the Los Angeles marathon in 2019. She served as the ASB co-Visual and Performing Arts commissioner, taking her love for the arts even further.

For twelve years, Zoe trained as a circus artist in both Los Angeles and Chicago, becoming a professional contortionist in 2014, and traveling the world performing for large audiences. In 2016, Zoe and one of her fellow circus artists founded a non-profit organization called “Youth Empowerment Social Circus” (YES Circus), bringing circus arts and other alternative forms of fitness to under-privileged youth. She also works as a volunteer for the non-profit “NoHo Home Alliance”, for which she directed a documentary in 2019. In her free time (which she has a lot of during the 2020 safer at home ordinance) Zoe watches movies and analyzes them. Some of her favorite movies include Love and Death, Fight Club, Superbad and Rear Window. She also enjoys writing screenplays, short stories, and poems.

Zoe is incredibly excited be a part of the Warner Bros. family, having been an avid Warner Bros. fan since she first saw Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca at 14 months. She will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall.
Emma Nebeker
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Emma Nebeker is the 2020 Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship Recipient. She works on her art and animation every day, and strives to populate the face of animated entertainment with more representation of East Asian characters and culture.

Emma was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where she graduated from Westlake High School. Raised in a family of musicians rich in piano performance and pedagogy, she is the black sheep. Having consumed way too much Spongebob and anime as a child, she has always wanted to become an artist—but it was not until her junior year of high school that she found her love for animation.

“Tattwo,” animated solely in Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, is the first short Emma directed. “Tattwo” has won many awards, such as: 2020 National YoungArts Foundation, honorable mention in film; 2020 SXSW Film Festival Texas High School Short, official selection; The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for Film & Animation, silver key and the 2019 Walt Disney Family Museum Teen Animation Festival International, Outstanding Creativity.

When Emma is not drawing, she is usually playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, or Mario Kart 8 with her family. She is an avid video gamer, artist, crocheter and language learner.

Emma will be attending the Art Center College of Design in fall 2020, where she will be majoring in Entertainment Design in the animation track.
Azat Sayadi
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Azat Sayadi was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. When she was 13, her family moved to Burbank, California, where she attended Burbank High School.

Azat was an active member in many activities during her high school career, all while keeping exemplary grades. She was a member of her Play Production Class for three years and was elected as a senior representative for the 2019/2020 academic year.  Azat had the pleasure of performing in Little Shop of Horrors, The Crucible and Alice in Wonderland, among other pieces. Azat was also a part of the Burbank YMCA Youth and Government Delegation, a national model government and court program, and was the vice president during the 2019/2020 year. Azat was also a tutor through the California Scholarship Federation and the Historian for the BHS PTA.

Azat loves to re-read Harry Potter, bake for her friends and she would love to travel the world. She will be attending Chapman University in the Fall, majoring in Sociology with an interest in Business and Film Studies.


Niamh Diver
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Niamh Diver was born in Pasadena, California but spent her childhood in Kiev, Ukraine and Kent, England. She relocated back to Pasadena in 2009 and has lived there ever since. She graduated from Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena.

Throughout her time in high school, Niamh participated in various activities. She did Mock Trial all 4 years, receiving the Most Valuable Participant and Honorable Mention Awards every year. She was also an active member of Diversity Committee through which she travelled to two Student Diversity Leadership Conferences: one in Anaheim, California and one in Nashville, Tennessee. She also tutored students at her school through California Scholarship Federation and National Honor Society. During her senior year, Niamh participated in the Mathworks Math Modeling Challenge as her school’s statistics expert. This challenge entailed writing a 20 page paper full of math models and analysis in a 14 hour timespan on an unknown topic.

Outside of school, Niamh was an active member of National Charity League through which she annually earned an award for over 100 hours of community service. She loves to travel with her family and go to the beach with friends in her spare time. She also loves creative writing and watching reruns of Friends episodes.

In the fall, Niamh will be attending Boston College to major in Political Science with a possible minor in either Applied Mathematics or English.
Anubha Gupta
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Anubha is the 2019 Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship Recipient. She is passionate about storytelling and animation and can always be found with a sketchbook in hand.

Anubha was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California, where she graduated from Fremont High School. She received a silver medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in 2019 and has had her work selected to be displayed in local exhibitions. In school, she was the illustrator for her school newspaper, and has also been involved in the arts in her community.

During high school, she also worked as a barista at Starbucks for a little over a year. Her first official job, being a barista was full of learning experiences that pushed her outside her comfort zone. The role taught her how to find a healthy balance between work and school and how to handle grumpy customers during understaffed morning shifts.

During the summer of 2018, Anubha studied animation at California State Summer School for the arts (CSSSA). This program taught her the basics of animation and allowed her to create a 2-minute film from scratch. After attending CSSSA, Anubha was sure she wanted to pursue a career in animation.

In fall 2019, Anubha will be entering as a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles as a Design Media Arts major. She plans to continue creating art and developing her animation skills while at UCLA.
Nia Marshall
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Nia Marshall is a recent graduate of Mira Costa High School. She transferred there during her junior year having previously attended the Marlborough School. She was born in Inglewood, CA and grew up in Los Angeles.

Nia is an artist of many mediums, using animations, original music compositions, screenplays, video games, sculptures, poems, paintings and drawings to illustrate her ideas. Her works often provoke philosophical questions and social commentary. Nia believes that as storytellers, artists are entrusted with serving their communities by assembling diverse audiences and inviting them to be united through the universal language of entertainment. For this reason, she curated her own art show, Afuura: An Artistic Celebration of Black Culture, at Mira Costa High School. She created the show with the intention to inspire positive dialogue regarding racial inclusion at her school. Recently, she created an animation series called Seventeen that stars a girl named Azinzaa who is navigating the uncertain and ever-changing world of a teenager.

Nia wants to use entertainment and media to encourage positive values in society, and ultimately wants to create her own cartoons and music. Donald Glover is an artist she looks up to, since he has been successful in both the film and music industry. Nia plans on attending the Iovine and Young Academy at the University of Southern California, where she hopes to become skilled in audio engineering and animation. She will minor in music at the Thorton School of Music, focusing on jazz piano theory and vocal performance.
Sarah Williams
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Sarah Williams was born in Pasadena, CA, where she attended Marshall Fundamental High School in Pasadena. While in school, Sarah took 13 APs throughout her high school career and was recognized for her academic achievements from the college board, naming her an AP scholar, and being put on the Principals Honor Roll all 4 years in school. While in high school Sarah was an active member in the drama community. As Vice President of their Thespian Troupe, Sarah has participated in multiple productions as lead actor, and stage technician, allowing her to see both sides of what makes a play run smoothly. Her most memorable experience was when she played the lead role of M’Lynn, in Marshall Fundamentals Production of “Steel Magnolias”. Most of her most memorable memories in high school were made participating in Drama. Sarah was also a part of many clubs while in high school including: The National Honor Society, The Black Student Union, Book Club, Unidos, and Varsity Girls Basket Ball.

Outside of school, Sarah was selected to be a member of Ghetto Film School (GFS), a nonprofit program founded in 2000 to educate, develop and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers. Sarah gained hands-on experience in production and post-production as a student at GFS, getting the opportunity to work on multiple sets and try out each department. While in the program Sarah won the Special Grand Jury Prize for her Film “Never Grow Up”, which was screened at the Landmark Theater in Los Angeles. GFS has presented Sarah with many entertainment-orientated opportunities such as attending the Black Panther world premiere and introducing three of GFS’s biggest supporters, actor Michael B. Jordan, director Melina Matsoukas, and National Geographic Networks CEO Courteney Monroe, at the James Murdoch 2018 Gala for GFS. Sarah is eager to work hard and develop her skills in film and the entertainment industry.

Sarah will be attending NYU Tisch during the Fall 2019 semester, where she plans to study Film/TV Production. Sarah plans to continue her passion for film at NYU.
Jessie Yang
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Jessie Yang was born and raised in Burbank, California. Her father passed away when she was only seven. Though young, she learned the true meaning of altruism as she experienced firsthand what a community can do for a readjusting family. It was at this difficult time that Jessie’s passion for people originated, as she fell in love with the things people can do when they come together.

Jessie has always been a top student all throughout her educational career. From Emerson Elementary to Burbank High School, Jessie’s teachers continuously noted her high marks and tenacity in the classroom. She earned a variety of awards in high school, such as Student of the Month and the Minds in Motion award, given to students who maintain good grades while participating in a sport. Determined to find a potential career path, Jessie exhausted practically every subject. From swearing to tell the truth and only the truth in Mock Trial to excelling in AP Physics, she never backed away from an opportunity to try something new.

During her high school career, Jessie was an active member of Burbank High School’s Vocal Music Association. Here, she became a longtime leader. Jessie served as dance captain, vice president, and president for the advanced all-women’s choir, Impressions. She was awarded “Most Dedicated” for her contributions.

Along with working with people in choir, Jessie became greatly involved with Key Club. As a member of the Division Leadership Team, she made monthly newsletters on the progress of her local club to send to the district. She assisted the lieutenant governor in increasing member attendance at Fall Rally, a day where all of the Key Clubbers in the CNH District located in the northern regions come together and raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). Her division brought the most people to the event and raised the most money in years.

In her free time, Jessie enjoys writing, painting, singing, dancing, and catching up on episodes of Parks and Recreation. She graduated Burbank High School as one of the top students in her class and will be attending Boston University as a Communications major in the spring.


Darren Kim
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​Darren Jayco Kim was born in Burbank, California and attended Burbank High School. As a young child, the only language he knew how to speak was Cantonese. However, Darren taught himself English through watching American media. It was here that his interest in the entertainment industry began.

Darren started attending media conventions such as AnimeExpo and WonderCon in 2014. At these events, he was introduced to many employees of the industry and quickly learned how much networking was required to work in the media field. Since then, Darren has become an annual attendee of AnimeExpo as well as an avid fan of cinematic universes based on comics.

Darren volunteered for multiple organizations in the Burbank Community through high school clubs such as Key Club, California Scholarship Federation, and National Honor Society. As a sophomore, he received Key Club’s Member of the Year award as recognition for his outstanding dedication to the community. He served as Vice President of Key Club during his senior year and spearheaded an initiative to improve on-campus recycling. During this time, Darren also enrolled in Tech Theatre at Burbank High, where he was exposed to behind-the-scenes theatre work and set construction.

In his spare time, Darren enjoys watching TV, anime, and visiting the local movie theatre. Darren will be attending UCLA in the fall of 2018 where he will major in Statistics.

He will intern with WB Technology,  Data Intelligence his first summer.
Isabella Curtis
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Isabella Curtis was born in the small town of St George, Utah. At the tender age of two she and her family moved to Burbank, CA where she has lived ever since.  She attended Emerson Elementary School, John Muir Middle School, and finally Burbank High School. Isabella was recognized at all three schools for her outstanding academic abilities with multiple Star Student/Student of the Month awards, academic focus awards, scholar awards and creative writing awards.  She placed in the top three every year for the Burbank High Short Story competition, getting first place her Sophomore year.

During her high school career Isabella was an avid participant in the Burbank High School Vocal Music Association (show choir); which included being a member of all three of the different choirs at one point, and served as both Secretary and Dance Captain during her Junior year for the advanced all-women’s choir, Impressions. In addition to the VMA, Isabella was a member of the Burbank High Business Academy for three years. In the academy Isabella learned the basics of accounting, finance, business ethics, and economics. As part of her academy requirements, Isabella completed two summer internships over the summer of 2017.  The first was with Pets on Q, a famous animal influencer management company located in Hollywood, and the second was with Wasatch Speech and Language Center, a speech therapy office located in Salt Lake City, UT. Isabella worked on her video and document editing skills at both internships.

Outside of school, Isabella has explored many different career endeavors. At a young age, Isabella became a talented Voice Actor, and has worked professionally for nine years. Through her voice acting Isabella had the chance to work with multiple major brands, including Hasbro, Pepsi Co., Sea World, and Colgate. In addition to voice acting, Isabella spent much of her time writing for the Her Campus High School Ambassador Program. Her Campus is the #1 online magazine for college-aged women, and every year they choose only one hundred girls from thousands of applicants to be Her Campus High School Ambassadors. Isabella acted as a Her Campus ambassador for two years and learned about marketing and journalism while improving her professional writing skills immensely. Isabella also spent time volunteering with the Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Bank of Pasadena and Beverly Hills, the Burbank Public Library, and the BHS Tech Crew.

In her free time, Isabella enjoys reading, writing, singing, dancing, traveling and spending time with her friends and family. She graduated from Burbank High as one of their top students, and will be attending UC Irvine in the fall of 2018.

She will be interning with the WB Television Publicity department during her first summer at Warner Bros.
Jacob Brain
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera HonorshipJacob Brain was born in Omaha, Nebraska, spending his early years between Omaha and Salem, Oregon.  At the age of 5, his family relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he has lived ever since. Jacob’s interest and passion for art and storytelling began early in his young life.  From the time he learned to read and write, he remembers creating comics and stop motion cartoons in his free time.

At the age of 12, Jacob made a special trip to Burbank, California, specifically to attend the studio tours of Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon Studios.  During that visit, he made a commitment to himself to hone his art and continue to develop his skills.  Over a period of time, he realized his passion – a love for hand-drawn animation – creating his first short cartoon at the age of 13. Throughout his middle and high school years, Jacob also enjoyed participating in a variety of extracurricular activities including amateur boxing, club soccer and varsity lacrosse. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America at age 14.

Jacob attended Utah’s Skyline High School, as well as the Granite Technical Institute.  While there he enrolled in several courses aimed at further developing his skills. Of special interest to him, he studied and excelled at Advanced 3d Animation, the Animation Portfolio program, AP Art History and AP Studio Art. Through participation in these programs, he submitted and won state-level short films.  At age 16, Jacob created an anti-vaping PSA for Granite School District, earning awards at the state level.  He completed his latest cartoon in February 2018, entitled “What’s the Difference?” This cartoon was screened at the Utah High School Film Festival. Jacob also received third place in transparent medium, and “Best of Show” at the Granite School District Art Show.  As a result, he was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Rosenblatt Foundation for his self-portrait created solely with scraps of paper pieces.

During reflection, Jacob noted that his interest in animation that began as a small spark has since fueled his resolve to work hard and develop his skills in this art form.  He hopes to someday create something that lights that same spark in someone else.

Jacob will be attending The University of Utah during the Fall 2018 semester, where he plans to study Entertainment Arts and Engineering.

Jacob will be interning on the show “Wacky Races” in the Warner Bros. Animation department during his first summer.

Toby Romero
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Tobias (Toby) Romero was born and raised in Santa Monica, California and graduated from Santa Monica High School.

In his sophomore year, he was selected from a competitive pool of applicants for admission in Ghetto Film School (GFS), known for developing next generation filmmakers. At GFS, Toby gained hands on experience in both production and post-production. While enrolled, he made several short films, including a documentary with his own narrative voice-over. During the summer of 2017, Toby and a small crew from GFS qualified to travel to Tel Aviv, Israel to film an international short that is credited to the criterion collection. With a love for storytelling, Toby has written, directed, produced and collaborated on more than 25 films.

He started his first online business at the age of 15 selling computer accessories on Amazon. He was a varsity soccer player and a member of Delians Honor Society. He received the SAMOHI Renaissance award in 2017. He served as secretary for his high school club Doctors without Borders.

Toby will continue his passion for film and learning at NYU in the fall of 2018. His goal is to apply the theory learned in school into actual creative interaction during the internship to couple his love of stories with developing business acumen applicable to entertainment.

He will be interning with the Warner Bros. Studio Facilities group during his first summer at Warner Bros.

Erik Gomez
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Erik Gomez was born in Los Angeles, CA, and raised in Durango, Mexico. At the age of ten he left both of his parents and a younger brother behind in order to go to the USA to live with his aunt to continue his education.

He is currently a senior at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School, and has been an Honor Roll Student since his freshman year. He was selected to participate in the YMCA Youth Institute Summer Internship as a new class during his incoming freshman year. There, he got the opportunity to write, film and edit his own short films about teen issues, such as: LGBTQ issues, teen pregnancy, and drug abuse. His work was showcased at the end of the summer at the YMCA Film Festival. Following this paid internship, he was given the opportunity to film a music video, working behind the crane, for the Invest In Youth Campaign in Boyle Heights. During the summer of his sophomore year, he was selected to be part of the Invest in Youth Campaign’s alumni program where they took the summer curriculum to a higher level, filled with film projects, magazines, photoshoots, and music production. Last summer he had the opportunity to create a commercial for Coca-Cola’s campaign, Balance What You Drink, Eat, and Do, which was shown in several grocery stores around the community. During his sophomore year he was chosen to be a Social Media Advocate for the Building Healthy Communities in Boyle Heights Campaign, where he organized different events in the community to advocate for a Youth Development Department in the City of LA. He used his skills with social media to promote many of his events and broadcast them since his target population was youth. Aside from working with Digital and Social Media, Erik also plays three Varsity Sports: Cross Country, Swim, and Volleyball, and currently holds the position of captain in the swim team.

During his free time Erik enjoys the outdoors and hanging out with friends. He loves exploring new places and different kinds of food. He also gives a lot of his voluntary time to the YMCA and is part of their Youth Board.

Erik has recently been awarded the Posse Scholarship for his great leadership skills in his school and community, and will be attending Dickinson College in the fall of 2018. He plans to study Communications and Theatre.

Erik will intern in WB Studio Operations this summer.


Xinye (Leaf) Hou
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​Leaf Hou was born in Beijing, China, and moved to the U.S. at the age of ten. Leaf attended John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles before moving to South Pasadena to attend high school. While at both schools, Leaf was recognized for her academic achievements through the Glenn Warren Award, the highest award for the graduating class at Burroughs, and four Spotlight on Excellence awards based on gpa at SPHS. Leaf also created her own blog-style website,, as a means to help students in SPHS’s Chinese classes better learn the language and prepare for the AP Chinese exam.

Outside of school, Leaf was a member of Writegirl, a nonprofit program that organizes writing workshops in various genres to empower girls and promote self-expression, for five years. She plays an active role in the community by volunteering at the SEA Lab of the LA Conservation Corps at Redondo Beach. There, she gives tours to educate the public about the importance of the conservation of marine animals. She has also helped the children of disenfranchised immigrants by tutoring at the Asian Youth Center at San Gabriel.

Leaf also likes to keep herself busy during her free time. She has a knack for learning new languages.  Spanish is her main focus though she also spends time improving her German. Her hobbies also include playing guitar, practicing archery, and watching movies. She enjoys exploring career pathways by participating in programs such as the Summer Legal Institute hosted by Loyola Law School and touring prominent companies such as Warner Bros, Uber, and TOMS with GenHERation, a female empowerment network.

She is currently preparing to attend UC Berkeley, where she will pursue a major in Economics and a minor in Spanish.

– Warner Bros. Television, Integrated Marketing

Xochilt Khoury
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Xochilt was in the school choir for her first two years of high school, and also served as secretary during her second year. During her junior year she said farewell to choir so that she could join the yearbook as a writer and then the tech crew during her second semester. Tech crew changed her life for the better, and made Xochilt realize that behind-the-scenes work is something she loved to do and did not want to give up.

In her senior year Xochilt was elevated to head-writer for the yearbook and became a career-tech ambassador for tech crew. She gained experience as crew, sound, lighting, spotlight, rigging, and stage management for various school productions, and has held positions such as head-sound, master electrician, assistant stage manager, assistant sound, assistant lights, and spotlight operator.

Xochilt also was a member of CSF for three years, book club for one year, and legislative council for one year.

In her free time, Xochilt enjoys reading, writing, watching my favorite shows, and going on crazy adventures with her friends.

She is preparing to attend University of California, San Diego to study Literature, in the fall of 2017.

– Blue Ribbon Content, Development & Production

Xochitl Torres
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Xochitl Osiris Torres was born and raised in Burbank where she attended Burbank High School.  She developed a passion for the film and entertainment industry at a young age and exposed herself to related coursework, which included digital photography, video, broadcast journalism, business preparation and psychology.  As a young filmmaker, she progressed through the three stages of production, refined her skills, and created a few short films that were presented in film festivals.  In her broadcast journalism course, she captured major events at her school, like football games, rallies, and performing arts showcases.  She has served as her high school Key Club’s Historian Chair, where she found interest in community service and assisted in promoting the club through pictures and promotional videos.  Xochitl prospered in her public speaking and articulation throughout her high school career.  She was granted the opportunity to speak to the BUSD Board of Education and at the District Office on multiple occasions.

During her junior year, she was accepted into The Intern Project- LA Promise Fund where she was paired to intern at the American talent agency, William Morris Endeavor.  There, she learned about aspects of entertainment business including marketing, distribution and finance.

During her senior year, she interned at mOcean Studios, a trailer house in Burbank.  Through this experience she obtained a better understanding of post-production and promoting final projects to a wide range of audiences.

Xochitl views the art of film as a way to capture moments and convey stories.  She plans to impact audiences with different demographics by appealing to them through marketing.  Her experiences have shaped her leadership, communication, and optimistic perspective.  She will be attending California State University at Long Beach in the fall of 2017 where she will major in film and electronic arts and minor in marketing.

– Warner Bros. Telepictures, Branded Entertainment & New Business

Isabella Cassandra-Newsam
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Isabella (Izzy) Cassandra-Newsam was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) as a cinematic arts major.

She quickly found her place as a producer and editor at LACHSA, ultimately producing and editing over 20 films while there. She was nominated for best sound design and best editing twice, winning both times at the school’s annual MoonDance Film Festival. She self-produced a short film that was named a YoungArts Merit winner in 2016, an accomplishment that in turn gave her the opportunity to participate in a week-long workshop with industry professionals.

Izzy was also selected by Apple to make a short film with her peers, and the behind the scenes footage was used for Apple’s iPad commercial that aired during the 2015 Oscar’s.

In addition to working on short films, Izzy is a photographer. She takes pictures for events and music shows. She took pictures for her friend’s album cover and some of those photos were published online. Izzy will be heading off to Washington D.C. to attend The George Washington University where she plans to major in English with a concentration in creative writing and a dual major in photojournalism.

– Warner Bros. Studio Facilities, Studio Operations

Jacob Sugars
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
​​​​​Born in the small town of Santa Maria, California, Jacob Sugars grew up with an interest in art and animation. He spent his free time creating comic books and drawing characters with his best friends.

At the age of 13, he moved to Burbank, California, which allowed him to turn his hobbies and passions into a foreseeable future. In his freshman year at Burbank High School, Jacob became involved with a formal animation program for the first time in his life. During that first year, he was chosen by his teacher and Nickelodeon to participate in a mentorship program with a professional animator from the studios. Through this program, he was able to create his first animated short, “Curry in a Hurry”.

Since then, Jacob has created multiple shorts. His second film, “The Life of a French Fry”, was screened at the Burbank International Film Festival. His third, “ReAnimation”, was a finalist in the All American High School Film Festival in Times Square, New York, and was the winning animation for the Los Angeles Student Film Festival. His newest short “Varsity Legends” was completed in May 2017.

Jacob is preparing to attend California State Fullerton, and will pursue a degree in Animation. Throughout college and during his time at Warner Bros., he hopes to combine his love for art with other passions, for instance, music and storytelling. Inspired by his role model, Scott Mescudi, Jacob hopes to one day reach out to other kids in similar situations, and in turn serve as an inspiration to others.

– Warner Bros. Animation, Wacky Races


Yeo Gyoung (Jemma) Kwak
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Jemma Kwak was born in Korea and moved to America at age four. She graduated from Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta.

In high school, Jemma was the president and treasurer of her school’s Key Club, an organization that seeks to better the community through service and fundraising for various charities. She is the co-founder and co-president of Crescenta Valley’s Tree People club, which works to reduce the school’s carbon footprint through tree care and environmental advocacy. Jemma also served for two years as the head co-editor-in-chief of her school’s literary and art publication, Journeys, working with graphic design and staff editors to create an annual magazine that celebrates the artistic talents of the student body. In this role, she digitized the magazine and opened a platform for film submissions.

Last summer, Jemma participated in a seven-week long program called Girls Who Code, a non-profit that seeks to close the gender gap in computer science. There, she learned the fundamentals of programming and designed a game using HTML and JavaScript Processing as her team’s final project.

In her free time, she enjoys watching films, spending time with family, and hiking.

She is currently preparing to attend University of California at Berkeley in the fall, where she will pursue a degree in computer science. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Technology Solutions

Annabelle Hayford
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
​​​​​​​Annabelle Hayford was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was raised in Greenville, North Carolina and Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is a graduate of Princess Anne High School and an art magnet school called the Governor’s School for the Arts. While attending both schools, Annabelle was involved in the National Honor Society, and the National Art Honor Society. She was also an active four year member of the Governor’s School for the Arts yearbook staff and had the privilege of serving as the co-editor for the 2015-2016 yearbook.

Along with academics, Annabelle has entered many school and independent art exhibits and has won numerous awards and honors. Her most notable awards include being a National Finalist in Visual Arts for the 2016 National YoungArts Foundation and a National Gold medal recipient in digital art for the 2013 Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

During summer breaks, Annabelle has kept busy by focusing on advancing her art skills. For example, in 2014, Annabelle attended Maryland Institute College of Arts’ pre-college program for illustration. And in 2015, Annabelle became a freelance fashion illustrator for Inu-Inu, a popular online retail store. When Annabelle is not drawing in her free time, she enjoys watching cartoons, perfecting her style through online shopping, and engaging in politics, as she hopes to integrate her knowledge of politics and social justice into her artwork.

Annabelle is currently preparing to attend the Maryland Institute College of Arts in the fall, where she will pursue a degree in Animation. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Animation, Lego DC Flash DTV

Evan Lewis
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​2016 L.A. County Reach Honorship recipient Evan Lewis was born in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston and moved to View Park/Windsor Hills, CA at the age of three. Evan attended St. Mary’s Academy in Inglewood after transferring from Windward High School. At Windward, she was a three sport athlete, a peer counselor and co-founder of the Student Diversity Board. A love for community service and an interest in film led her to The Dirk Swain Foundation, where she assisted with film-making workshops for teens in underserved communities.

Once at St. Mary’s Academy, Evan continued to excel, inducted into the National Honor Society and becoming an inaugural recipient of the Salehi Math and Science Scholarship for excellence in math and science, a peer tutor, a Student Ambassador and ASB Vice-President. She was a semi-finalist for the prestigious Ron Brown Scholarship and was honored to be chosen to continue with the organization as a Ron Brown Captain.

At a young age, Evan was recognized for her public speaking ability and ease. She is still called upon to speak in various capacities and plans to continue building upon this skill. At Williams College in Massachusetts, Evan plans to double major in English and psychology, with the possibility of further exploring a love for writing and screenwriting. She is drawn to the production and the business side of the entertainment industry, with an interest in getting her MBA following her undergraduate degree. She cites Shonda Rhimes and Ava Duvernay as role models who inspire her and fuel her drive. Ultimately, Evan’s main goal is to use her experiences to help and positively influence the lives of others. She believes that through delivering powerful narratives via film and media, she will be able to achieve this dream. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Studio Facilities, Studio Operations

Lyna Moreno
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Lyna Moreno was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to the city of Burbank where she completed high school. Lyna developed an early passion for creative writing and stays in touch with her writing mentor. She met her mentor in a program called WriteGirl which empowers young female writers. Lyna is also a part of Academy of Finance (AOF) serving as the events planner her sophomore year. In the 3 years of AOF, Lyna learned accounting, business ethics, financial planning, and many other useful lessons. Recently, she had been awarded 1st place in the internship presentation category competing against other seniors in the academy. Her internship included a completion of over 150 hours of community service. In her junior year, she decided to dive into law and join Burbank High School’s Mock Trial. She played many roles including lawyers and witnesses and acted as the club’s secretary in her senior year. For that year, she won best defense witness – scoring the highest among other defense witnesses during trial.

Aside from writing, Lyna enjoys web and graphic design. She took a summer course at Woodbury University to improve her skills. In addition, she loves reading, singing, dancing, and acting.

She is currently preparing to attend University of California at Santa Barbara where she will pursue a degree in English. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Television, Social Media Marketing

Dean Tsalickis
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Dean Tsalickis was born and raised in San Pedro, California. He graduated from San Pedro High School, where he took rigorous courses and founded multiple clubs such as the Film Club and Debate Club. For his senior year, he was in charge of creating his senior class video that highlighted the past four years of high school.

Dean also volunteers in his community. At his local middle school, he helps direct students in theatrical scenes that are presented in a drama festival through Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC), a competition with other schools of Southern California. He is also co-captain of a Relay for Life team, fundraising money towards cancer research. In 2014, the American Cancer Society recognized his team for fundraising $1,700 for the cause.

In his free time, Dean enjoys surfing, swimming, writing and making films with his friends. He is currently preparing to attend University of California at Los Angeles in the fall, where he will pursue a degree in economics with a minor in film and television. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Studio Facilities, Studio Operations


Ryan Chase
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​2015 L.A. County Reach Honorship recipient Ryan Chase was born and raised in Hollywood, California before moving to South Pasadena, where he completed high school. At South Pasadena High School, Ryan helped found the school’s Academic Decathlon team, was a proud member of the SPHS Marching Band for four years, and was an award winning member of his school’s nationally recognized Virtual Business Program.

Ryan specialized in public speaking at South Pasadena, announcing various sports such as basketball, track, and football, and was elected as the Commissioner of Assemblies. He enjoys helping others overcome their fears of speaking in public and loves a good story, whether it’s in the form of a game, a book, a movie, or one he’s written himself. Ryan is interested in the entertainment industry because of his experience with announcing and public speaking, and has had previous training for voice-over work.

He is currently preparing to attend UC Riverside, where he will pursue a major in Business Administration, and minor in Political Science. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– DC Entertainment, Sales and Business Development

– Telepictures Productions, Ellen Digital

Juliet Chin
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Juliet Chin was born and raised in South Pasadena, California and graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). She began at LACHSA as a theatre major but shifted focus over to film and carved out a name for herself in the newly developed Cinematic Arts Department. During her junior year she started with a Beginning Film class but quickly moved to Advanced Film, and ended the year being selected for one of the three coveted Cinematic Arts Department Intern positions.

Along with having two self-produced films chosen to premiere at the school’s annual MoonDance Film Festival, Juliet was selected by Apple Inc. to produce her short film titled “Identity.” During the process of working with Apple she went from concept on paper to screen in a matter of four days, all the while being filmed during the production. The footage of her and her classmates making the film was cut, edited and transformed into a commercial for Apple’s iPad which was aired during the 2015 Oscar’s telecast and remains on the Apple website.

Throughout high school Juliet also participated in the YMCA’s Youth & Government, a model Legislative Government program. Juliet served on the Executive Board all four years and served as Y&G President for the South Pasadena/San Marino delegation her senior year.

Juliet will be heading off to New Orleans to attend Tulane University where she intends to pursue a coordinated major in Digital Media Production and Film Studies. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Blue Ribbon Content, Creative and Production

– Horizon Production Operations, “Pretty Little Liars”

Mira Metry
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Mira Metry was born in Cairo, Egypt, and moved to California at the age of five. She is a graduate of John Burroughs High School, class of 2015. While at Burroughs, Mira was a member of the California Scholarship Federation and the National Society of High School Scholars. She was also the founder and president of the Cookies to Contribute Club at Burroughs, a club that organized bake sales to raise money for, an organization that feeds millions of children across the nation. She has also completed more than 200 hours of service in the Burbank community.

An integral part of Mira’s high school experience was her involvement with the Yearbook. She worked as a layout designer for two years, gaining valuable design and teamwork skills. Her senior year was spent as an editor, providing her with the opportunity to demonstrate exceptional leadership and communication abilities. In her free time, Mira enjoys hanging out with friends, working out, and, of course, catching up on her favorite shows.

This fall, she will be attending Pepperdine University as a Public Relations Major. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Television, Social Media

– Telepictures New Media, Digital

Rocio Padilla
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​2015 L.A. County Honorship recipient Rocio Padilla was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and attended Foshay Learning Center in South Central.Throughout high school Rocio was an ambassador for Girls Inc., a nonprofit group that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold and provides them with college and job readiness training. Rocio was also a member of the Finance Academy, where she learned about finance, accounting and entrepreneurship. As a member of the Academy she created business plans, accounting ledgers and presentations on financial literacy for other students to use in the future. Rocio was also the president of her school’s Art Club and was a member the National Society of High School Scholars since the 9th grade.

After school, Rocio attended art class at Venice Arts where she has taken courses in photography, film and animation. In her spare time she loves creating collages and paintings, discovering new places to go in LA, reading stories about alternate worlds, and going to events that are related to art or francophone culture.

This fall, she will be attending UC Irvine. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Studio Facilities

– WB Studio Facilities, Facility and Studio Services

Brandon Sugars
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Brandon Sugars grew up on the Central Coast of California watching and loving movies. While in middle school he produced a piece for the PTA Reflections Program that advanced to the state finals in the film production category. He continued to make movies during his junior year in Burbank High School’s Video Production class, and then during his senior year through the ROP Professional Film program. Even though he loves film making, Brandon’s true interests lie on the business side of the industry.

Also during his time at Burbank High School, Brandon competed on the school’s cross-country team, for which he lettered during his senior year. He also served two years in Key Club, where he was selected to hold two executive positions: Interclub/International Chair for his school, and Spirit Coordinator for his division, which stretches from Burbank to Santa Clarita.

After high school Brandon plans on majoring in Business Management Economics at UC Santa Cruz. He hopes to take what he learns during his years in college and apply it to a career in the entertainment industry. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Studio Facilities

– Horizon Production Operations, “Pretty Little Liars” Post-Production


Jessie Butera
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​2014 Burbank Reach Honorship recipient Jessie Butera was born in Nashville, Tennessee and relocated to Southern California with her family when she started the first grade. While at Burbank High, Jessie participated in the Burbank High’s Vocal Music Association, Key Club, California Scholastic Federation, and Film Club. During her senior year, she was president of Film Club and Secretary of the Advanced Women’s Choir, “Impressions.” During her junior and senior years, she took the ROP Professional Film class where she received Student of the Month and Outstanding Student.

Jessie enjoys making short films and aspires to direct and write feature films. In 2012, she was accepted into the California State Summer School for the Arts for the Film & Video Program where she confirmed her love for filmmaking. She has since received a Merit Award from the Young Arts Foundation for her film, Tin Man, won the Los Angeles County Student Filmmaker Award at the Burbank International Film Festival for her film Being, and earned first place for her film The Story of Zoey Briggs in the PTA Reflections Contest for Film & Video.

Jessie is currently a sophomore at California State University Long Beach majoring in Film Production/Electronic Arts. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Horizon Production Operation, “Pretty Little Liars”

– New Line Cinema, Physical Production

Devon Black
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Devon Black was born in Los Angeles, California and graduated with distinguished scholars honors from Trinity Classical Academy in May 2014. She led her class as house leadership captain, cheer captain and yearbook editor and is a member of the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation.

Having participated in the Girl Scout program for 13 years, Devon earned her Girl Scout Gold Award in 2013 for her work creating a children’s room at her local domestic violence center. She was recently recognized as a Young Woman of Distinction nominee by the Greater Los Angeles Girl Scouts Council.

Devon also received the Congressional Award Bronze Medal as well as numerous scholastic recognitions. Working with the community has always been important to Devon, and service is an integral aspect of her person. She traveled to Mexico for multiple house building trips and took a two week trip to Crimea where she worked with the Crimean Tatar community. In her free time, Devon likes to hang out with her friends and explore new places.

She is currently a sophomore at New York University studying Media, Culture and Communications, and minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Horizon Production Operations, “Pretty Little Liars”

– Warner Bros. Media Research and Insights

Michelle Costanza
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​Michelle Costanza was born and raised in Torrance, California. She attended Meyler Street Elementary School, Dodson Middle School, and San Pedro High School where she maintained her status on Honor Roll since freshman year. While attending San Pedro High School, Michelle was enrolled in the magnet program and became involved in Girls Volleyball, Key Club, Knights & Knightettes, California Scholastic Federation, and various community service activities. In addition, she is the only member of her class to have been an active member of San Pedro High School’s Leadership program for all four years, having served as a Senator, Secretary, Class Co-President, and ASB Vice President.

In her junior year, Michelle was recognized as a “Future Leader of San Pedro” by the San Pedro Youth Coalition. Outside of school, Michelle is a member of the College Bound program at The Boys and Girls Club of LA Harbor. Michelle’s involvement in her school’s Leadership program and film class has led her to double major in pre-communications and film while in college.

She is currently a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Telepictures Social Media

– Horizon Production Operations, “Pretty Little Liars” Post Production

– Warner Horizon Television, Scripted Programming

Aisha Hauser
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Aisha Hauser was born in Inglewood, CA and was a varsity athlete at Inglewood High School, competing in Volleyball, Basketball and Track, despite growing up with chronic asthma. Aisha graduated from City Honors Preparatory Charter High School in the Inglewood Unified School District where she was the salutatorian of the Class of 2014.

At City Honors, she served as treasurer and event coordinator for the senior class and president of the fundraising committee, all the while participating in the Partnership Scholars Program and the Women in Entertainment Mentoring Program.

She is currently a sophomore at Northwestern University double majoring in Communication Studies and Mathematics to gain the skills needed to enter into the entertainment industry in either business or public affairs. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Home Entertainment, Strategic Promotions and Communications

– Telepictures Productions

– Warner Bros. Television, Integrated Marketing

Michael Sherman
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Michael Sherman was born and raised in Tarzana, CA and graduated as one of the valedictorians from the Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. While keeping up with his academics, Michael was also a member of his school’s thespian troupe and played Clifford Bradshaw in Cabaret during the second semester of his senior year. During the summer of 2013, Michael was the stage manager of a production of “8” at the Avery Schrieber Playhouse in North Hollywood. He worked with the director during auditions and rehearsals and managed advertising, social media, ticket sales, and development of the program.

In high school, Michael was selected to be an interviewer at the Britannia Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. He represented a British organization that makes films accessible to students. On the red carpet, Michael interviewed many actors including George Clooney, Sir Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Outside of school, Michael is passionate about filming, directing and editing his own movies based on original stories about his family and friends.

He is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Film and Television. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Horizon Productions, “Pretty Little Liars”

– New Line Cinema

– Blue Ribbon Content

Keshy Jeong
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
​​​​​​​Keshy Jeong is the 2014 Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship recipient. Keshy loves space, sharks, and sushi, and decided to pursue animation as a career after watching Dreamworks’ “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Keshy grew up in Seoul, Los Angeles, Walnut Creek, and then Mill Valley, where she graduated from Tamalpais High School in 2014. Keshy was a reporter and graphics editor for the school magazine, enrolled in a documentary filmmaking program, and took classes in studio art and darkroom photography. Through art and journalism, she developed a passion for creating art which promotes socioeconomic equity and comforts marginalized and underrepresented peoples.

In summer 2013, Keshy attended the Early College Program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as well as the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) in the animation department, where she received the Herb Alpert Scholarship for Emerging Young Artists. She then attended the Young Arts regional program in Los Angeles for Cinematic Arts.

Keshy is currently a sophomore at California Institute of the Arts for BFA Character Animation starting fall 2014, and is excited to reunite with many friends from CSSSA. She has interned at the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Animation, “Lego: Brainiac Factor” & “Lego: Shadow of Doom”

– WB Animation, “Unannounced TV Series”

– WB Animation


Samuel Park
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Los Angeles Honorship recipient Samuel Park has been through a lot. In 13 years, he relocated across the Pacific Ocean over six times until his family finally settled in Los Angeles. When he was in middle school, Samuel faced challenges when trying to adjust to a new culture, but he did not let that stop him.

At University High School in West Los Angeles, Samuel was a top 4% student and established two clubs, helped his father expand the family construction business, and most importantly, became a college peer counselor to help guide his friends to their dream schools.

Samuel developed his leadership skills during his time at the Academy of Business Leadership and as a member of the Posse Foundation and Quest Scholar Network. Samuel is one of the first ten youth leaders from the Posse Foundation to ever attend Northwestern University on a four-year, full-tuition, merit-based leadership scholarship. He is looking forward to being a trailblazer by helping Northwestern University become a more welcoming and interactive environment for students of all backgrounds.

Samuel is currently a junior at Northwestern in the Medill School of Journalism. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Telepictures, Development

– Worldwide Television Marketing

– Warner Bros. Media Research and Insights

– DC Entertainment, Sales and Business Development

Richard Kent
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
2013 Los Angeles Reach Honorship winner Richard Kent was born in the small fishing village of Los Cobanos in El Salvador. At the age of twelve, he came to the United States to live with his English-only speaking father and communication was a struggle. Though he had very little schooling in El Salvador, Richard was placed in a 6th grade classroom and struggled to learn the English language. Richard acknowledges, “I worked so hard every single day because I felt as if this were my opportunity to become someone in life.” Though he had to repeat the 6th grade, Richard focused on his studies, attended tutoring sessions, and has had academic success, making the Honor Roll, ever since.
Richard’s determination, work ethic, and maturity have drawn the attention of both adults and peers in his community. Richard was selected to serve as a student representative on Belmont High School’s “School Site Council” and worked with the faculty, staff, administrators, and parents to make the best budgetary decisions for the Belmont High community. Richard was the Associated Student Body President during his senior year of high school. In his free time he enjoys swimming, attending sporting events, traveling and learning about different cultures.

Richard is currently a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Business, with a focus in International Studies. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Telepictures Productions

– WB Pictures, Targeted Publicity

– WB Pictures, International Marketing

Alexi Fiumani
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​Alexi Marie Fiumani, winner of the 2013 Burbank Reach Honorship, was born in Santa Monica, California. She attended Carpenter Avenue Elementary School in Studio City and continued her education at John Muir Middle School and Burbank High School in Burbank.

While attending Burbank High School, Alexi was named “Top Dog,” maintaining above a 4.0 GPA for all four years. In addition to focusing on academics, she was involved with many extracurricular school activities. She was a member of Key Club, California Scholastic Federation and served as poster commissioner for the Associated Student Body. In addition, Alexi played singles and doubles for the Burbank High School tennis team and served as JV tennis captain her sophomore year. She also competed in high jump and pole vault for the Burbank High School track team.

Some of Alexi’s most memorable high school experiences come from her two week excursion to Europe where she traveled with seven classmates and their French teacher through France, Italy, and Switzerland, speaking only French.

In Alexi’s free time, she likes staying active by hiking, swimming, jogging, dancing, and exercising as often as possible. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dog, traveling, going to the beach and watching movies.

Alexi is currently a junior at San Diego State University majoring in Marketing. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Telepictures Productions

– Horizon Production Operations

– WB Studio Facilities, Marketing

– DC Entertainment, Digital Marketing
Karl Ravancho
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Burbank Reach Honorship winner Karl Ravancho was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised and has lived most of his life in North Hills. Karl attended Our Lady of Peace School in North Hills during his elementary and middle school career. From the start, Karl has always been an involved and enthusiastic leader.

Karl attended Providence High School in Burbank where he served as the Associated Student Body (ASB) Treasurer, Friends Against Drugs officer, and PHS Key Club’s vice president and spirit chair. While in high school he continued to hone his academic accomplishments, having participated in various national mathematics competitions, completing rigorous advanced placement and honor classes, and participating in various academic federations, including the school’s honor roll, the Spanish Honor Society, the California Scholarship Federation and the National Honor Society.

Karl focused on developing his creative side through his involvement in the drama program, the advanced choral ensemble and the Media Focus Program. During the summers, Karl volunteered at Sepulveda Recreation Center and served as a counselor-in-training for the recreation center’s summer camp.

Karl is currently a junior at the UC Berkeley majoring in Business. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Theatrical Promotions

– Warner Bros. Television, Social Media

– Telepictures Productions, Branded Entertainment and New Business

– Employee Communications and Engagement

Isabel De Honor
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Los Angeles Reach Honorship recipient, Isabel De Honor was born in San Pedro, California. She attended 7th St. Elementary, Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson Middle School, and San Pedro Senior High School.

At San Pedro Senior High, Isabel was involved in a variety of clubs including, Key Club International, the Kings and Queens Club, Knights and Knightettes Honor Society, AVID, and Girl’s Golf. In the 11th grade she founded the College Ready Club, which provides coaching and informational resources to students interested in applying to college, and organized an American Cancer Society Relay for Life team.

Isabel is passionate about helping others and being a role model. In 2012, Isabel joined Keystone, a national leadership group through the Boys and Girls Club of LA Harbor, San Pedro. After attending the national Keystone conference, Isabel gained a new outlook on herself as a leader and eventually became president of the San Pedro chapter. With her Keystone group, Isabel has taken on small and large-scale projects such as the recent “End Hunger Project.”

In her free time, Isabel enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys using her creativity by making videos, creating new games, and writing short stories. Isabel first became interested in the entertainment industry when she visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show on the Warner Bros. lot. Since then, Isabel has been dedicated to following her dreams.

Isabel is currently a junior at California State University, East Bay majoring in Communications. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Warner Bros. Consumer Products

– Employee Communications and Engagement

– Warner Bros. Television, Communications and Domestic Marketing

Alexandra Rickrich
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Hanna-Barbera Animation Honorship recipient Alexandra (Alex) Rickrich was born in Columbus, Ohio and graduated with honors in 2013 from Pickerington High School Central. It was early in her sophomore year when she fell in love with animation. “It was exhilarating seeing art that could be brought to life. Making still frames move and breathe may be difficult, but it is also solely the most rewarding experience I have ever had.”

Alex played piano in her early years, and moved on to percussion for her first two years of high school, marching in both the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Tournament of Roses Parade. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Sunny Side Up (peer leadership club), the National Art Honor Society and is president of her school’s Art Club.

In both her junior and senior years, Alex’s work was selected from nearly 13,000 entries to be included in the “Top 300” and displayed at the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Alex participated in the Scholastic Art Competition as a senior, receiving regional Gold Key and Silver Key awards. In 2011, Alex attended the College Preview Program at the Columbus College of Art and Design and won “Best Animation.” In 2012, she was accepted into the Rising Stars Program at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she received a 4.0 GPA.

Alex is currently a junior at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Animation. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Animation – Scooby-Doo: Space Menace

– WB Animation – Batman Family

– WB Animation – Justice League Dark DTV

– WB Animation – Wacky Races


Syed Ibrahim
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship recipient Syed Ibrahim lived in Burbank the majority of his life and moved to Porter Ranch this past summer. He attended George Washington Elementary, John Muir Middle School, and Burbank High School.

In his spare time he enjoys relaxing by his pool and will jump at any chance to have a backyard barbeque. Syed also loves spending time with him family. Syed is the youngest of four having two sisters and one brother.

In high school, Syed was a highly active member of his school’s Mock Trial. He has been in the club for three years now and is currently the President of the team. Throughout his Mock Trial career Syed has received awards for Best Defense Attorney and Best Prosecution Witness.

While juggling various other extracurricular activities, Syed has maintained his grades while taking advanced placement classes, keeping his overall grade point average over 4.2. Syed will attend the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California in the fall. He plans to major in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.

Syed is currently a senior at USC majoring in Business with a minor in Entertainment Communications. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– WB Home Entertainment Digital Distribution

– WB Home Entertainment Business Development

Nicole Calderone
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship recipient Nicole Calderon is known by her friends as Nikki and was raised in Burbank, California. She attended Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary, John Muir Middle School and Burbank High School.

At Burbank High School, she was involved with many different afterschool activities such as Key Club, Model United Nations, California Scholarship Federation, Inter-club Council and AP Microeconomics Club to name a few. Her favorite school club was Mock Trial. She made many cherished memories in the club and became team captain her senior year. In addition to these clubs she also enjoyed participating in the performing arts, like show choir which was a fun and enlightening experience both onstage and off. Nikki has also been a competitive figure roller-skater since she was in third grade. She has competed and medaled on the local, regional and national level.

Nikki managed to balance all of her extracurricular activities with a rigorous course-load filled with AP classes, her favorite being AP Macroeconomics. Her involvement with a variety of activities allowed her to come to the conclusion she wanted to become involved in the entertainment industry through either public relations or entertainment law.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking, and reading everything from Shakespeare to The Hunger Games. Her favorite classic movie is “Gone with the Wind” and her favorite modern movie is “Legally Blonde.”

Nikki is currently a senior at UC Santa Barbara majoring in Integrated Communications with a minor in Economics. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

– Warner Horizon Production Operations

– WB Television Publicity

– DC Entertainment Publicity

Jacqueline Gunning
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship recipient Jacqueline Gunning will be graduating from CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts in early summer 2012, and plans to study Communications in the fall.

During the summer of 2010, Jacqueline was accepted into the California State Summer School for the Arts, a month-long, residential arts program held at CalArts, where she studied photography and painting. After successfully completing the program, she was awarded the 2010 California Arts Scholar Governor’s Medal. It was here where she truly discovered her love for photography, and she plans to continue her study in college in the fall.

While remaining artistically immersed, Jacqueline continued to remain actively involved within her community, collecting over five-hundred community service hours with organizations such as the YMCA and Los Angeles Public Library. She was a part of East Valley Family YMCA’s Youth and Government program for three years where she served as the Historian and Speaker-of-the-House. Furthering her involvement with the YMCA, Jacqueline has attended East Valley’s Camp Whittle for five years – two as a camper and three as staff – and will continue this year as a counselor.

Since a young age, Jacqueline has been fascinated by television and film often scripting and filming short skits and organizing photo shoots.

Jacqueline is currently a senior at Emerson College majoring in Communications. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Warner Horizon Production Operations

– Telepictures Productions

Kashawn Campbell
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​​​Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship recipient Kashawn Campbell attended Thomas Jefferson High School and LA Academy Middle School where his success made him college-bound.

In addition, he has participated in multiple sports such as golf, cross-country, track & field and basketball which challenged him mentally and physically and provided discipline and time management skills. He always takes each day one step at a time in order to make his parents proud. “Never settle for less than your best” is a motto he incorporates in all that he achieves.

Kashawn is currently a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Communications. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Human Resources

– Studio Operations

– WB VIP Studio Tours

– Warner Bros. Public Affairs

Makenzie Kizis
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
​​​​​Warner Bros. LA County Honorship recipient Makenzie Kizis was born in Santa Monica, California where she lived until the age of 12 when she moved to Malibu and attended Malibu High School.

Throughout her high school years Makenzie was involved in many volunteer clubs including Operation Smile, Can-A-Week Club, and the New Hope Club. She has been a dedicated member and volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu Teen Center for seven years. She has become a leader, mentor, and positive influence at The Club and within the Malibu community. She was recently awarded the Youth of the Year for 2012 for the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu. The Boys & Girls Club has influenced Makenzie to be passionate about civic involvement and helping others.

During her senior year, Makenzie was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award for being a California Scholar throughout her high school career. She played women’s volleyball during her freshman year as a junior varsity player. During her sophomore, junior and senior years, she was a starting member of the varsity team. As the starting outside hitter in 2012, Makenzie won the Coaches Award and was named All League by the coaches in her league.

Makenzie’s interests include art, volleyball, camping, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.

Makenzie is currently a senior at Tulane majoring in Marketing with a minor in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Studio Facilities Marketing

– WB Home Entertainment Strategic Promotions and Communications

– WB Consumer Products

– WB Television

Mariah-Rose Mcclaren
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship​​​​​​​Warner Bros. Hanna-Barbera Honorship recipient Mariah-Rose was born in La Jolla, California. With her father’s career in the Marines, she and her family have lived in over 15 cities across the globe, instilling in her a passion for travel and learning about different cultures. She has always been interested in all types of art, and thus has deep-seated interests in food, acting, photography, dance, fashion, writing, and especially music and visual arts. From a very young age, she has always loved both animation and film, inspired by her talented older sister and the many cartoons she watched while growing up (and still watches, of course!)

She soon realized that this was her calling, and has since taught herself to use computer programs such as Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop. As a freshman, she was accepted into the Kent Bellows Studio for Visual Arts, honing her skills and dabbling in all sorts of media. She graduated from Millard North High School at the age of 16 with a Commended Diploma in Fine Arts. She is inexpressibly excited for her summer internships at Warner Brothers and hopes to begin her dream career as an artist in the animation and film industry, and above all give back to others in the community.

Mariah-Rose is currently employed in WB Animation. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Animation – Teen Titans Go!

– WB Animation – Tom and Jerry: Mighty Dragon

– WB Animation – Wabbit


Laura Guzman
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Laura Guzman was born on April 8, 1993 in Los Angeles, California to a family of 8. She has resided all her life in the South Los Angeles area and has attended all neighboring public K-12 schools. She attended 49th Street Elementary where she met several of her closest, high achieving friends today. She then went on to Carver Middle School where she was admitted into the A.V.I.D. program that helped her focus on the path to college. She then continued the A.V.I.D. program at Jefferson High School where she later became Student Body President and was very involved in several organizations and clubs.

At Jefferson High School, Laura chose one out of four small learning communities that focused on what students wanted to become later in life. She picked the Creative Arts and Expression community because she had always felt passionate about art.

Laura is a role model, who is intelligent, independent, and reliable. She is caring and friendly by nature and always offers her assistance to other people. She is persistent and determined in her pursuits. She has made the most out of her education knowing that it is a valuable factor for her career choice.

Laura is currently a senior at USC majoring in Business and Film Studies. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Worldwide Television Marketing Communications

– WB Human Resources

– Warner Bros. Pictures

– Warner Bros. Television Social Media
Mitchell Harring
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Mitchell Harring was born on November 11, 1992 in Burbank, California. He has lived in Burbank his entire life, attending Emerson Elementary, John Muir Middle School, and Burbank High School.

In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding for as long as the snow will last, playing soccer, and watching movies. At age four he began playing soccer with the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), became a four year member of the Burbank Boy’s Soccer team at Burbank High, and is currently playing for the Burbank Red Machine Soccer Club.

In high school, Mitchell was a highly active member of his school’s key club, volunteering over 260 hours of community service to numerous organizations in Burbank. His most memorable experience was volunteering for Project Greenlight where he helped teach teambuilding and hand-eye coordination drills to children with Down syndrome.

While volunteering his time and playing varsity soccer for three years, Mitchell also maintained his grades while taking advanced placement classes, keeping his overall grade point average over 4.3.

Mitchell is currently a senior at UCLA majoring in Entertainment Law. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Warner Bros. Television Clearance

– Telepictures Productions

– New Line Cinema

– Warner Bros. Television Contract Reporting

Alfred Leone
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Alfred Leone, known as A.J. to his friends, was born on June 12, 1993, in Long Beach, CA and attended Woodrow Wilson Classical High School.

His interest in the entertainment industry began at the age of 6, when he first attended an art summer camp, which he attended for the five summers. In high school he received lead and supporting roles throughout his four years in the theater program. He also directed a short play for the One Act Festival. Acting and directing gave him confidence to stand in front of people and present himself.

Photography is another one of A.J.’s passions, and he enjoys expressing himself through the photos he takes. A.J. became president of the photography club, and enjoyed teaching others the things he has learned through experience.

Throughout high school, A.J. learned to balance his theater endeavors and his rigorous work load, while maintaining a 4.4 GPA. He wanted to give back to his community, so he volunteered at the same summer art camp he attended as a child. He also volunteered with his fellow theater students at a local homeless shelter.

A.J. is currently a senior at California State University, Long Beach majoring in Photography. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– Telepictures Productions, TMZ

– Warner Bros. Entertainment Finance

– Theatrical Distribution Finance
Eddie Mendoza
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Eddie Mendoza attended Brea Olinda High School in Orange County where he graduated in 2011. Since he was young, he remembers long days watching movies and animated TV shows. Batman: The Animated Series and films such as Blade Runner had a profound impact on him. In 2009, Mendoza attended the animation program at the California State Summer School for the Arts where he made short films and was exposed to new forms of animation. He has also attended seminars by Chris Appelhans and Marshall Vandruff, notable illustrators for the entertainment industry.

Mendoza spends much of his time drawing, painting, and learning more about the animation process. He plans on pursuing a career as a concept artist for the animation and entertainment industries.

Eddie is currently a senior at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Animation. He has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– WB Animation – MAD

– WB Animation – Batman: Arkham City

– WB Animation – Batman Unlimited 2
Megan Roope
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Megan Roope was born in Redondo Beach, California and has been living in Burbank for thirteen years where she attended Providence High School.

Thanks to her father who is a news broadcaster for CNN Radio, Megan knew she wanted to be involved with the media industry at an early age. In high school, she was part of the four-year Media Focus Program. From her freshmen to senior year she explored and expanded her knowledge of the media field, trying to discover which area fit her best. It wasn’t until her junior year when her younger brother received his Wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation that Megan knew she wanted to be involved with Public Relations- specifically corporate communications.

This year Megan’s group won “Best Documentary” in the Los Angeles Film Festival for a Public Service Announcement titled “Wheel Chair Accessibility” about implementing more ramps around local parks and other public areas for those who are disabled.

At Providence, she was Associated Student Body President, French Honors Society Secretary, a member of National Honors Society and California Scholarship Federation, and a player on both the varsity volleyball team and the varsity soccer team. She is a very active member of Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Her youngest brother was diagnosed with this disease at the age of one, and ever since Megan has attended conferences all over the country to volunteer and assist children with this disease.

In her free time, Megan enjoys staying active by jogging, walking, or playing sports as often as possible.

Megan is currently a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Public Relations. She has interned in the following departments at Warner Bros.:

– Studio Operations

– WB Home Entertainment Strategic Promotions and Communications

– Warner Bros. Television Publicity

– Warner Bros. Pictures Publicity
Genevieve Ward
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship

Genevieve Ward was born on November 20, 1993 in Los Angeles. Growing up in a family active in the movie business, she was exposed to the industry at an early age, and for the majority of her life she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the field. At the end of middle school, Genevieve became involved in a local media arts organization called Venice Arts. In 2007 she started taking photography classes there and immediately fell in love with the medium.

In 2009 she was asked to participate in a class called Youth Media Crew with Venice Arts, where students worked on creating both community and personal multi-media stories. Genevieve worked with a fellow student on a video portrait of a Venice local entitled “Scotty’s Lantern House”. The project is now being featured in numerous teen film festivals including the Santa Monica Teen Film Festival, the YAM Festival and the CineYouth Film Festival (part of the Chicago Int’l Film Festival). During the year she spent in Youth Media Crew she became passionate about editing and documentary film work along with photography and watching films.

During high school Genevieve had the opportunity to work as an intern for film editor Eric Beason on “The Stepfather” at Anonymous Content and with Venice Arts as Youth Art Intern.


Alana Bonilla
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Alana was born on October 25, 1991 in Burbank across the street from Warner Bros. Studios. In elementary school she attended a Warner Bros. carnival and has vivid memories of the event.. After completing South Pasadena middle school, she was accepted into the theatre department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). In ninth grade Alana created her first film festival; it was so successful that two years later she created a second, titled the Film and Live Performance Festival.

Alana’s interests include, horseback riding, working out, baking, swing dancing and shopping in vintage stores. In the summer of 2009 she attended New York University Summer Program for Filmmakers and enjoyed learning and working with students from all over the world and creating films. When it was time to apply for college NYU was her top choice. Alana was accepted as an Early Decision student to New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Film and Television Program. She plans to pursue her passion of editing and creating films.

Her highest honor was receiving the Girl Scouts Gold Award for producing the Gold Award Film Festival in Hollywood. Recently she won top finalist in the Milkquarious Got Milk? Campaign and was awarded $2,500 for LACHSA’s film department’s much needed equipment. Being a recipient of the Warner Bros.
Chris Cabrera
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Chris Cabrera was born on February 24, 1992 in Los Angeles. He attended Rosewood Elementary School, Berendo Middle School and graduated from Miguel Contreras Learning Complex (MCLC) high school. Chris held many leadership roles at school and within his community. He was treasurer of student government at MCLC where he held fundraisers and produced events to keep his fellow students involved and motivated. In addition, Chris volunteered at a local youth center where he created activities and encouraged the participation of teenagers in his local community to get involved. During high school he maintained a 3.8 GPA while taking a rigorous course load. In the fall Chris will attend the University of California Los Angeles where he will major in Communication Studies.

Chris is interested in the field of entertainment public relations field and dreams of one day having his own firm. Last summer, Chris had the opportunity to intern at Starfish Creative Events where he provided event details to guests and helped with check-in. At Starfish, Chris also had the opportunity to assist at promotional events for videogames and film festivals.

In his free time Chris enjoys reading, playing soccer, editing music videos, acting, playing videogames, volunteering and learning about different cultures.

During his first summer at Warner Bros., Chris interned with Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Employee Initiatives group.
Cosima Cabrera
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Cosima Cabrera, known as “Cosi” to her friends, was born on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and attended Providence High School in Burbank. Cosi landed her first job as an extra in a commercial at the age of six. At the age of seven, after working on a few more commercials, she became a SAG member. While in high school, Cosi understudied for the lead for the Watts Village Theatre Company’s production of “Always and Forever” at the Ford Amphitheatre. She was then cast in Janine Salinas’ play “Soledad” at Casa0101. During her freshman year in high school, when she was suffering from an acute teenage disease called “stress,” Cosi would watch episodes of Dawson’s Creek that she rented from Netflix to take her mind off of her rigorous academic course load. Her fascination with Dawson’s Creek prompted her to follow her dream of one day becoming a television writer and showrunner. Cosi also loves watching old episodes of Freaks and Geeks and Felicity, and two of her favorite movies include Never Been Kissed and Say Anything.

In her free time, Cosi enjoys running. Encouraged by her Spanish teacher and running coach, Mrs. Parodi, Cosi joined Students Run Los Angeles her sophomore year and ran her first marathon. The experience was so much fun that Cosi continued to train with SRLA for two more years, and during her senior year, she became the co-President of Providence High School's SRLA team. Cosi’s role models and heroes are the faculty of Providence High School, who have encouraged her to follow her dreams. Cosi also enjoys drawing and photography, and two of her drawings have been featured at the Youth Art Expo at the Creative Arts Center in Burbank. Cosi writes for the Actors Fund’s Looking Ahead Newsletter and is grateful for the opportunities she has been able to realize because of the Newsletter. Cosi loves her best friends and Taylor Swift and is obsessed with Shakespeare and the music and movies of the 80’s and 90’s. She also likes math. In the fall of 2010, Cosi will attend Yale.

Rita Mansuryan
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Rita Mansuryan was born on April 4, 1992 in Glendale, California. She has lived in Burbank her entire life, attending Thomas Jefferson Elementary, John Muir Middle School, and Burbank High School. She has dabbled in the arts, playing the piano for ten years, ballet, jazz and tap dancing, writing poetry, cheerleading, singing, and performing on stage.

While pursuing her artistic endeavors, Rita also honed her skills as an involved school and community member, as president of the BHS California Scholarship Federation and as treasurer for the BHS Key Club. Rita has volunteered with Burbank’s Project Greenlight every summer, where she worked with Down syndrome teenagers. At the same time, Rita maintained a position in the top 1% of her class and pursued a rigorous class schedule with advanced placement classes, bringing her to embrace her favorite subjects of history, government, and writing. Wanting to pursue a career that would combine her passions for entertainment and legal studies, she believes that entertainment law is the perfect profession for her. Rita will attend UCLA in the fall of 2010 and major in political science. During her first summer at Warner Bros. Rita interned in Warner Bros. Television’s Business Affairs department.
Brooke Regalado
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Brooke was born in La Crescenta, California in 1992. She attended Santa Susana High School, a magnet school for Arts and Technology in Simi Valley. Brooke taught Animation to her fellow students for her senior project. She graduated with honors in both Animation and Visual Arts. In 2009 she was the only applicant selected from Ventura County for the Animation Program at California State Summer School for the Arts. Brooke has also attended Saturday High classes at Art Center.

Brooke has always known that she wanted to be an artist. Her dad, Ron Regalado, is an Art Director for the Walt Disney Company. Her mom, Shelli Regalado, is the Studio Manager for Kurtz & Friends Animation. Brooke spent three years being home schooled at Kurtz & Friends, surrounded and encouraged by both her grandfather, Bob Kurtz, and the other talented artists. She currently lives at home with her parents and her older brother, Dylan.

Brooke has been active with service projects in her community for many years. She earned her Girl Scout Silver Award by teaching Art at the Boys & Girls Club in Moorpark. She realized the club didn’t have any supplies so Brooke organized an art drive that fully funded their program.

Brooke enjoys traveling and in 2010 participated in a foreign exchange program where she lived with a host family in Yokohama, Japan. In the fall Brook will attend California Institute for the Arts and will major in Character Animation. . Brooke is very excited to have spent her first summer interning at Warner Bros. Animation.
Roberto Zuniga
Warner Bros. Burbank Vocational Honorship
Roberto Zuniga was born on January 22, 1992 in Los Angeles, CA. He is the oldest of three siblings and graduated from John Burroughs High School in Burbank. During his time at JBHS, he participated in the film and video production program. He had the opportunity to volunteer with film crews and gain experience in all forms of production, including writing, producing, directing and assisting on several short films. In addition to his passion for filmmaking, Roberto was a member of football team for four years–winning the Pacific League Championship his senior year. In his free time, he volunteers at his church, Fuente de Vida, where he films the sermons and volunteers as a youth pastor. In the fall he will attend Glendale Community College and he would like to transfer to California State University of Northridge and earn a bachelors degree in film. Eventually, Roberto would like to be accepted in ASC and work as a Director of Photography. During his first summer, Roberto interned in Warner Bros. Television’s Post Production department.


Paige Andrews
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Paige Andrews was born in Burbank and has lived there all her life with her dad, mom and younger sister. She attended JohnBurroughsHigh School where she was captain of both the volleyball team and varsity cheer squad. She was involved in many clubs including CSF (California Scholar Federation), S.O.S. (Students Offering Support), Environmental Club, and was able to maintain a high G.P.A. in honors courses. She was honored with the President’s Award and was selected as a seal bearer upon graduation.

In her free time, Paige can be found at the beach, surfing, camping with family or hanging out with friends. Paige has always had a passion for helping others, traveling and learning about different cultures.

As a Burbank native, Paige has had the opportunity to grow up with the movie and production studios in her backyard, and they have captured her interest in marketing and advertising, especially in music. Paige attends California State University Northridge and will focus on communications and marketing.
Grace Babbes
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Grace Babbes was born in Los Angeles in 1991. She attended St. Paul’s First Lutheran elementary and junior high school and continued her education at ProvidenceHigh School in Burbank. There she was a proud member of the media program where she learned the invaluable skills of storytelling through writing, producing, directing, cinematography and editing. She produced many movies throughout her four years and took a strong liking to editing. In her junior year, her work, “Staring Girl,” won the People’s Choice Award at the Media Showcase Awards. In her senior year, she not only produced and hosted the Showcase; she also won the award for Best Editing for her short film “The Compact”. She owes a great deal of her success in the program to its wonderful director, Mr. Joe Ingraffia.

Along with Mr. Ingraffia, Grace owes so much to her loving family. She grew up in the entertainment business – her mother, a voice-over artist and her father, a writer, actor and editor. Between going to the theater and analyzing films, it is no surprise that Grace chose media as her career path. Her other interests include drama, which is why she was the Visual and Performing Arts Commissioner for the Associated Student Body her senior year and performed as Nora in “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” which was directed by her father at Providence. She also loves music, singing, and experimenting with many instruments, including cello, French horn, piano, and trumpet to name a few.
Grace attends Chapman University as a Film Production major at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.
Thomas Demasters
Warner Bros. Burbank Vocational Honorship
Thomas DeMasters graduated from JohnBurroughsHigh School in June of 2009. During his high school career, Thomas spent most of his time working with the nationally-ranked JBHS Tech Crew. While working with the Tech Crew, Thomas discovered an affinity for stage work. Rigging, lighting, sound and carpentry became second nature to him. His passion inspires him to one day pursue a career in set construction. Thomas attends L.A.ValleyCommunity College, where he majors in Technical Theater.
Conrad Curtis
Warner Bros. Arts High Honorship
Conrad Curtis was born on November 6, 1990, in Los Angeles. After receiving elementary education at SequoyahSchool in Pasadena, Conrad was accepted into the theatre program at the Los AngelesCountyHigh School for the Arts (LACHSA). Once enrolled at LACHSA, Conrad began to pursue his longtime interest in film. In the beginning of his sophomore year, he began taking all the film classes he could cram into his rigorous schedule. After receiving the recognition of Outstanding Film Student for Beginning Film, Conrad continued taking advanced courses and was selected to represent LACHSA in a county-wide competition where he received a bronze medal. During his senior year, Conrad’s film work earned him numerous awards such as a silver prize at the Gold Award Film Festival in Hollywood and recognition for Outstanding Film in LACHSA’s Moondance Film Festival 2009. Conrad attends the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, where he will pursue a BFA in Film.
Elijah Joseph Douresseau
Warner Bros. L.A. County Honorship
Elijah Joseph Douresseau was born on April 8, 1991 in Los Angeles. He attended 68th Street Elementary School and received his middle school education at L.A.AcademyMiddle School. Elijah completed his high school career at GardenaHigh School and attends ColoradoCollege, majoring in Creative Writing and International Relations.

Elijah is interested in the interactive entertainment field and would like to pursue a career writing videogames. Since he was a child, Elijah has been fascinated by videogames and how they are developed. He is particularly fond of a videogame called “Shenmue,” and it was this game that inspired Elijah to pursue work in the videogame industry. In Elijah’s spare time he writes videogames that he hopes will one day be used in a professional videogame studio. Elijah hopes his games will help to bridge the gap between different ethnic groups. He has a desire to motivate individuals to be more aware and open-minded of different customs and beliefs. In addition, he involves himself in writing projects to learn more about the role videogame writers take in developing videogames.

Besides writing video games, Elijah is also interested in the creative writing associated with comic books, poetry, prose, and novels. Outside of school or writing, Elijah enjoys reading, playing video games, playing trading card games, skateboarding, assisting in humanitarian efforts and learning about different cultures and foods.
Rebecca Wallace
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Rebecca Wallace was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana, where she grew-up drawing pictures and watching cartoons. She wanted to be an animator right from the start, and she did all she could to learn the art of animation, including making flip books, creating makeshift cartoons on the computer and even coloring on blank film reels. At sixteen, she attended the IndianaAcademy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, a high school with a rigorous academic program that did anything but inhibit her desire to animate. She produced several short films, including a Beowulf puppet show and two Hamlet animatics, which littered her dorm room with scraps of fabric and endless storyboards. In the future, Rebecca hopes to contribute fresh and innovative ideas to the animation world. Rebecca attends Columbia College Chicago and plans to focus on Traditional Animation.

As a recipient of the Warner Bros. Animation Hanna-Barbera Honorship, Rebecca interns in the Studio’s Animation Department.


Yvette Malara
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
​​​​​​​Yvette Melara was born in Los Angeles December 23, 1989. She attended Our Mother of Good Counsel grade school and continued her studies at Providence High School, where she was a member of the Media Focus Program. During Yvette’s four years in the program, she learned the essence of video production and put her new found skills to work producing and editing several videos. Her videos appeared in the program’s annual Media Showcase Award Show, one of which was titled “Anorexia” that won in the category of Best Documentary. In addition, Yvette also submitted “Anorexia” to the International Student Film Festival of Hollywood where she was considered for the award of Best Documentary.

Since she was a young girl Yvette has always been fascinated by films. Armed with a simple editing system on her PC and her imagination, she began making videos and slideshows at the age of 8. As she grew older, so did her interest in films and her editing system, all of which have led her to her success thus far. Editing is Yvette’s passion and what she spends most of her time doing. When she’s not editing, Yvette enjoys sketching, horse back riding, tap dancing, cooking, and of course, eating everything she cooks. Yvette attends Mount St. Mary’s College, where she majors in film production and plans to pursue her career goal of becoming an editor.
Diana Shaginian
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Diana Shaginian was born on April 13, 1990, in Hollywood, California. She went to Thomas Jefferson Elementary in Glendale until fifth grade, and finished her last year of elementary school at Thomas Jefferson in Burbank. Diana continued her education at John Muir Middle School and BurbankHigh School. At Burbank High, she was involved in several clubs, including Youth Bringing Global Peace, California Scholarship Federation, Armenian Club and Key Club and has taken a myriad of rigorous high school classes. She has always had a love for business and law; therefore, she decided to combine her two passions and pursue a career as a corporate attorney. Diana took two business courses—Introduction to Business and Business Law—at GlendaleCommunity College, these two classes proved to her that her future involves a career in business, because she realized that this is where her heart lies. When Diana is not busy expanding her knowledge of the world of business, she loves dancing, playing with her toy poodle, Mickey, and reading the Harry Potter series over and over again. Diana attends Occidental College.
Nalani Hernandez-Melo
Warner Bros. Arts High Honorship
Nalani Hernandez-Melo was born December 10 and was raised in Pasadena, California. She attended McKinley Middle School in Pasadena where she discovered the art of theater. But even before middle school, Nalani was already fascinated by film and photography. By the time she arrived at McKinley, she was already intrigued by the arts. After attending McKinley Middle school she auditioned and started attending the Los Angeles High School for the Arts as a theater and film major. Over the summer after her junior year, Nalani had the opportunity to attend a film making intensive at Innerspark, the California Summer School for the Arts, which is held on the campus of CalArts. She knew right away that she had found her two passions and wanted to learn how to use them to change people’s perception of the world. Nalani graduated from LACHSA and currently attends the San Francisco Art Institute where she is studying both film and photography. Nalani hopes that one day she will be able to pursue a career as a cinematographer as well as a theater director.
Nelson Boles
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Nelson Boles started his life in Los Angeles, but quickly found his home in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was raised. He started at Dibert Elementary and soon found himself attending BenjaminFranklinHigh School. Along with Franklin’s academics, Nelson also concentrated his art at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) where he studied Media Arts. There he delved into the world behind the camera, shooting and directing short films and music videos. Yet when he got home from a hard day’s work, he wouldn’t stop there.

Ever since he was young, Nelson has always enjoyed working with pencil and paper, creating characters and new worlds. At around the age of 12, Nelson and his father built a makeshift light box so Nelson could begin his art in animation. Later, Nelson taught himself Flash and other programs that helped him create animation. Nelson knows that animation is what he was meant to do and hopes to give back to the industry by raising the standards for animation. He currently attends California Institute of the Arts and is studying animation.


Loren Diaz
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Loren Diaz was born a native Californian on March 3, 1989. Currently Loren lives with her mother, Reyna, her father Antonio, her younger sister Priscilla, and her cat Coco. For the first few years of her life, Loren attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Glendale and John Muir Middle School in Burbank. During her years at Burbank High School, she was involved with several extra-curricular activities while still maintaining a decent GPA and taking challenging academic schedules. As she marched with the band, studied for honors and AP classes, and gave back to the Burbank community through Key Club, Loren was still able to explore her interests and discovered a fascination for the world of business. Ever since she was a little girl, her father always showed her how to add and subtract simple equations. At first, both of Loren’s parents taught her how to do simple math problems through educational workbooks. After learning those simple concepts, Loren’s father introduced her to the advanced level, his checkbook. Even though she was wrong sometimes, he taught Loren the important idea of balancing money, which sparked her early interests in accounting. Thanks to his support, the guidance of teachers and mentors, and her Warner Bros. scholarship, Loren is a marketing major at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Greg Fields
Warner Bros. Burbank HonorshipGreg Fields was born and raised in the great city of Burbank, attending Jefferson Elementary School, John Muir Middle School and finally Burbank High. Throughout high school Greg was on the swim and water polo team for all four years, excelling in these sports, receiving many honors, crushing school records, becoming a captain his senior year, and making Burbank High history with his teammates. These sports have taught Greg the real meaning of hard work, determination, and leadership. Aside from athletics, Greg has always had the career goal of becoming a firefighter. He has taken ROP fire science classes and graduated from an EMT course at Glendale Community College.

Greg is further expanding his knowledge by attending L.A. Valley College, where he studies fire science. Greg spent his summers interning at the Warner Bros. Fire Department and hopes that this will bring him closer to his goal of being a firefighter and possibly even becoming a member of the Warner Bros. Fire Department in the future.
Shannon Mcshane
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Shannon McShane was born in Los Angeles in the spring of 1989. She attended St. Francis Xavier grade school and continued her education at Providence High School in Burbank as a member of the Media Focus Program. Her work appeared in several of the program’s Media Showcase Awards, and Shannon was one of the hosts of the program this past year. Her work has won awards including: Best Documentary, Best Sports Documentary, Best Music Video and, Best Cinematography. The success she has achieved so far has greatly been due to the guidance and motivation of Mr. Tom Durkin, the Director of the Media Focus Program.

Other than film, Shannon is a huge sports fan and played both varsity softball and varsity volleyball for Providence. Not only does she play sports, but she also is one of the Los Angeles Kings’ biggest fans. Traveling, eating chocolate, and playing with her parrot “Cuddles” are also among her favorite activities. Her older brother is currently studying at UC Santa Cruz to be a jazz musician. Shannon attends Syracuse University and studies film at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
Chris Villegas
Warner Bros. Arts High Honorship
Chris Villegas was born on June 7, 1989 in Hollywood, California. A Pasadena native, Chris began developing an avid interest in theater and performing arts at a young age. After appearing in several shows, both in leading and supporting roles, Chris further pursued acting by attending Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). While taking multiple advanced level academic and theater classes at LACHSA, Chris turned his artistic interests to a new medium–film. Having written and directed several shorts, he was able to gain acceptance in to New York University’s prestigious film program.

Chris spent his first summer at Warner Bros. as an intern in Studio Operations, followed by a summer in Post Production. His third summer was spent working as a PA on Warner Bros. Television “Smallville.”
Kris Anka
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Kris Anka was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where he began developing his love for animation. It wasn’t until after attending the California State Summer School for the Arts did he finally decided that animation was what he wanted to follow for a career. He is now a BFA2 at Calarts for Character Animation.


Matthew Ryan-Benzinger
Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Honorship
Matthew-Ryan was born July 9, 1988 in Pasadena, California, as the first born and only son of Tanya and Carl-Eric Benzinger. Six years, a month and a day later he was joined by his sister, Carina.

For as long as he can remember, Matthew-Ryan has been fascinated by the animation process and the results of that process. While he did not always know that it was called animation, he loved watching the characters and enjoyed seeing people’s reactions when they watched television cartoons. Matthew-Ryan especially remembers the joy he experienced when his whole family made a date to watch “Pinky and the Brain,” and subsequently made references to the show throughout the week.

Matthew-Ryan began art lessons at the age of five and has continued taking them at various institutions including the Art Center College of Design. After graduating from Providence High School, where he was a member of the Media Focus Program, he attended Pitzer College in Claremont, California, where he majors in Media Studies.
Joel Newman
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Who’s that strikingly handsome young man riding gracefully around the Warner Bros. back lot in a golf cart? Why, it’s Joel Newman, Feature Post-Production’s finest (and, well, only) summer intern! Before becoming involved in the REACH intern program and receiving a more-than-generous scholarship, Joel didn’t have much a life. In truth, he still doesn’t really have much of one, but at least now he can brag to all his friends about working at a movie studio! Like a large percentage of kids growing up in the suburban outskirts of Hollywood, Joel has had dreams of breaking into show business since he was a small child, and he is truly grateful to those who are helping him take steps toward doing what he loves.

Joel attended John Burroughs High School. While in attendance, he played an active role in the school’s film, drama, and literary programs, making a handful of short films, starring in a couple of plays, and writing to his heart’s content. Joel continues these creative endeavors at UCLA, where he majors in English.

He has spent summers interning in Warner Bros. Pictures Post Production, HD Films, Dan Lin Productions and in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Domestic Distribution department.
Julia Prescott
Warner Bros. Arts High Honorship
Julia Prescott attended Millikan Middle School Performing Arts Magnet from 6th-8th grade. After that she attended Los AngelesCountyHigh School for the Arts for high school, majoring in theater. At LACHSA, Julia became greatly immersed in the film program and took part in several film productions that ranged from taping school-produced theatrical shows to assisting and directing student productions that were entered into LACHSA’s Film Festival. Julia is the recipient of several merit-based awards including the Hollywood Foreign Press Scholarship Award.

For as long as she can remember, she’s been deeply passionate about film and television and through out the years has developed an interest in the critique and analysis of film, leading to her enrollment at Chapman University in the film studies program with a minor in television.

Julia is also very involved in her community and has been an active member of the East Valley Family YMCA for 10 years. Through this, she has been the recipient of the Jack Sherin Youth Leadership Award for her participation in the Volunteer Camp Staff annually. She hopes to someday work in the industry within film and television development but for now is just enjoying the ride that the REACH Honorship has blessed her with.
Katherine Smyser
Warner Bros. Burbank Honorship
Katherine Jane Smyser attended Village Christian Schools from K-8th grade. She went to Providence in Burbank for high school and graduated in 2006. While at Providence she completed the four-year Media Career Focus Program. During that time she finished several projects, including a music video, commercials for television, print and radio; a stop-motion animation short; a silent film; and two documentaries. She has been awarded Media Showcase Awards for Best Story and Best Director, and received the Media Communications Award for four years of excellence in the program. Katie attends Chapman University in Orange, California, where she studies film and television production at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.


Ruben Guevara
Warner Bros. Arts High Honorship
Ruben Guevara is an aspiring filmmaker studying the creative and technical aspects of film production at New York University. He graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 2005. In his free time Reuben volunteers for the annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and as a part-time teaching assistant for a community- based outreach program founded by his father known as Arts 4 City Youth, which teaches video production, writing, and visual arts to at-risk children in East Los Angeles. Ruben also works on editorial cartoons and visits galleries, poetry slams, and film festivals with his friends and family.